Gumnuts – The Star Within

gum nut star, May Gibbs artist,

The Beauty of the Forest continues…. little did I realize what the blossoms of the gum tree could create as the nut matured.

gum nut star, May Gibbs artist,
Gumnut Stars


Once the flowers have fallen off the nut hardens.  As it does, it creates a stunning magenta and crimson inner circle, from which the Star emerges.


star designs in gumnuts,
Gum Nuts In Sun


I have gone years without really noticing.

It was only when I had the macro lens out and was being mindful of all the minute details that this little secret star emerged before my eyes.


May Gibbs was a brilliant artist and children’s author who wrote and illustrated many stories featuring the “Gumnuts.”  They are cute, warm, friendly and timeless creations.

Seeing my gumnuts,  reminded me of her…. so I’m sharing.




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  1. A perfect miniature Universe on it’s own! A macro lens for a micro world is a perfect solution for seeing that Universe! Oh and mindfulness is a great tool to use! Most beautiful, thanks for sharing the magic!

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