Fun, Quirky and Addictive!  Yes, Tree Bark. Don’t you think that the Simple things in life should be enjoyed more?!

tree bark textures photos,
Tree Bark 1

The bark textures have a rough allure that pulls the eye and makes the hands itch to touch these living sculptures.


textures of paperbark, photo,
Page of a Paperbark


The Ancient.   The lovely red tingle tree has magnificent textured bark and a sculptural form that was utterly enchanting.

Ancient Tree, textures, photo, Perth, Western Australia
The Ancient


Gorgeous Red Tingle bark close up, with reds and siennas and a ……. hint of charcoal Lunar Black Maybe?!

tree bark texture,
Red and Lunar Black Bark


These trees, their shapes, their ‘skin’  the bark protective coverings  delight, fascinate and tantalize even the nonchalant.