Monday rolls around with jet lag dogging my heels. The only problem with that, is I haven’t been on a plane. Monday’s post, as you know is usually out by 6am. I rise early, wake the birds and finish my post. Not today.


The cliffs, Ricks cafe, negril,
The Cliffs, Rick’s Cafe Negril Jamaica

Today, I’ve had a siesta. A postponement.  But,  enough procrastination! Time to get cracking.


I had a little trip down memory lane.

Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica has some of the best sunset views and gorgeous cobalt teal waters that I’ve seen.



Quite some time ago, long before it was ‘spruced up’ properly for today’s kind of tourists we had the chance to holiday in Jamaica. Our first, outside the USA, adventure!  Eye opener, indeed.

The people we met were lovely, courteous and friendly. They all wanted to help.   Looking back,  perhaps hub and I were just on the side of ‘naive.’    At any rate, we were told that Rick’s Cafe in Negril was a fabulous place to swim, dive and jump off the cliff, view the stunning sunsets and not to miss it. So of course we went.



Actually, it was everything we were led to believe.  The views were stunning, the water was magnificent.

Watching the skilled athletes jump in piqued the interest…..  Especially to a horseback rider and skier whose passion was jumping.



These days, the cliffs at Rick’s are  very tidy and has a good assortment of beginner to advanced platforms. Back then, not so much.

The choice was medium high,   or crazy high.   Medium high won for me.  The height of that jump was about 25 feet.  So it wasn’t that bad.  (I did say we were young, then!)



Watching the fancy high divers dive and jump really takes your breath away.

The excitement of the jumps, the warm soothing quality of the water and the joy of having a wonderful adventure has made The Cliffs,  at Rick’s  Cafe in Negril Jamaica a very fond and cherished memory for me.



The featured watercolor painting is my recollection of the waters from the cliffs at Rick’s Cafe.

Do   Google  Rick’s Cafe, Negril and see the spectacular divers!