Silly Saturday: Yellow and Greens

A Silly take on last Saturday’s whirlwind trip. I’ve created an Abstract acrylic painting on canvas using the palette knife in fun swirls of yellow, greens, blues.  A bit of silliness, never hurts!

Yellow and Green abstract acrylic,
Yellow and Green


My interpretation and explanation for  ‘Silly’ today, is simply that the yellow represents the lovely yellow shirt our granddaughter wore when trekking through the The Valley of the Giants,  Western Australia.

The Swirling greens represent the lush foliage canopy and the deep gully below.


A kaleidoscopic perspective of last Saturday’s Silly spur of the moment adventure is perfect for today’s…..Silly Saturday.

Wacky and Fun.




    • hi Jodi, thank You!! it was actually painted on Canvas. So the weave of the canvas is what shines through in places. Different types of canvas, will have larger or smaller woven patterns; so it depends on what effect you want to obtain. For fine portraits, you’d maybe want a fine smooth weave. And Thank You again Jodi!!

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  1. WOWOWOWOWOW! YOu are SO talented, Debi!!! Oh how I LOVE this!!! It reminds me of a book for some reason. The shapes and colors and the way you blended everything together are fantastic! Thank you! ❤

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  2. Love your silly Saturdays especially if there is yellow in it, love yellow! One of my favorite colors and this is most delightful, light, playful. It made me wonder if you were singing while playing “silly” with your palette knife 🙂
    Happy weekend to you!

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  3. if everybody would be so creative whilst being silly, the world would be a very colorful place, Debi. I just made a drawing yesterday and today without being silly, hehe, cheers Mitza

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      • Nope, I used color pencils and some acrylic white to put some highlights. I drew on brown paper looking a bit like wrapping paper. I hate white paper. But some days ago I made a little flower from acrylic colors. Will post soon. Wish you a wonderful day. It’s still very cold here and I went to the hairdresser to have my hair cut. Now I feel like a sheep after sheepshearing and freeze even more. brrrr

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      • You can really try wrapping paper or paper that the painters use to protect the floor. And if I use coal pencils I usually use dark blue or grey paper. White paper makes me “impotent”, hehe

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      • I was really very inspired by the exhibition of my favorite painter Horst Janssen and to see his pictures from close. He was so talented but unfortunately he was a drunkard. They say that he could only draw in order not to feel the emptyness inside. What a pity. He was a master of composition and could draw even old work gloves in an appealing way or dead birds, etc. And he was very intelligent and witty. I’m so happy I found 3 autographed prints from him which I honor a lot. He’s my idol. 🙂

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      • it is said artists can only create when they are full of angst. I find that not to be the case at all, ever, for me. It must be all on an even keel, to get the best out of me! I looked up Janssen and thought his work was really Lovely Mitza. its great you have some!!

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      • Most of the people that have artistic skills that I know/knew had a little screw loose, Debi. Only very few are some sort of “normal”. I don’t need Angst, too, but I can express myself best of all by my paintings, which show my lonelyness, my sadness etc. only to very sensitive people. 🙂

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      • love the phrase ‘screw loose’ ! some days mine aren’t tightened all the way, I’m sure!! lol Art has a way of letting us Express Out, what we’re unable to put into words. 🙂

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      • You took the words right out of my mouth, Debi. I know that I’m not “normal” and I don’t care. I’m happy your screws aren’t tightened sometimes. We might both need a screwdriver, hehe


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