Explosions of color surprised me…..  I was just having a quick play testing some acrylics out with the palette knife.  Thinking about mixing up and testing colors and textures that I might use for bark, forest, trees.

color with palette knife, acrylic abstract art, debiriley.com
Color With Palette Knife

All spurred by my recent trip down south to see The Ancient Empire, the Valley of the Giants and Grandma Tingle.

I thought the palette knife a interesting technique to test out for optimum textural patterns and effects. I am fond of the palette knife and the lovely movement it can create within a painting.



The knife I used is the PK108  for right handers.

The acrylic paints used were  white, Indigo,  Phalo green,  Indian Red, Alizarin Crimson.


Basically,  I lucked out as I was ‘testing’ color recipes and found that I quite enjoyed the area here with the swirls and shadows and lights.

Happy Accidents…. I’m grateful for those, too!