Forest… The Inspiration

Tiny people, giant trees, forest in WA,

The Valley of The Giants, a place of imagination and inspiration.  Have a wander with me and have a look at some of these glorious Red Tingle trees.

Tingle Forest, Valley of the Giants,
Tingle Forest


This not quite hidden grove of towering old tingle trees is also known as The Ancient Empire.  What a fascinating and mysterious name for these magnificent trees.

The ancient empire, valley of the giants, tingle trees, WA
The Ancient Empire



Located in the southern parts of Western Australia, near Denmark just out of Albany,  its close to a 5 hour drive from Perth.

“ARE we there Yet?!”  was uttered by all three of us.

Upon arriving at 2pm we were good to go, and ready to see the sights.

forest giants, tree top walk, WA,
Massive Giants in the Forest

The massive giant (above) dwarfs the woman in white, standing not too far off. The girth of these trees can… be up to 20 meters; but most were a bit less than that, nearer 12.



We went up and around the Tree Top Walk. A hanging suspension type steel bridge, that wobbles.  More so if others are being mischievous.

And,  yes.  They were.

tree top walk, valley of the giants, forest, Perth,
Tree Top Walk, WA

The Tree Top walkway at the highest point was 40 meters off the forest floor. It makes a 600 meter loop around that overlooks a stunning gully below and the distant hazy blue Stirling Ranges to the northeast.


Grandma Tingle is a delightful old tree,  her gnarls, knobs and roots make fabulous designs.  I could have stood for ages and imagined all sorts of animals and creatures.  She is estimated to be around 400 years old.

Grandma Tingle, Forest, WA
Grandma Tingle, Valley of the Giants










This image,  shows one of the Giants and just how small we are in comparison.

Tiny people, giant trees, forest in WA,
Tiny People









And finally,

the image that you may see a spark of similarity to from The Forest Landscape  of yesterday.

tingle forest, albany, denmark, WA,
The Spark











Thank you for joining me on my Tree Top Walk and in amongst The Ancient Empire.  Those who make the trip to Western Australia,  this is a magic sight.  I highly recommend it!



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  1. Dear Debi,
    Nice to imagine you in awe and admiration in front of these giant trees! Thanks for sharing your great photos and your experience ! Yes, they are an inspiration, I’m sure! So how good to know what has come out at last in your article before! Gorgeous! The process of creating it is fascinating, too! Have a nice day! Cheers, Petra

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  2. What a magical place Debi, we have a similar forest in California, US. The Giant Redwoods. I can see how this trip will give you inspiration for months to come. Thanks for our armchair adventure!

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    1. Yes! The Redwood forest is one of the best forests! I’m missing the greenery of Pac NW!! that is what prompted the spur of the moment trip 🙂
      Perth is a bit flat, w/o many shady green foliaged trees.

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  3. Magnificent to say the least! What a magical place, what an experience for one to have! Thank you so much for sharing this beauties Debi, they are most inspiring for sure, I’m in awe seeing this giants!

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  4. looks like a really enchanted place, Debi. Old huge trees have a wonderful atmosphere, peaceful and strong at the same time. They have seen so many things in these hundreds of years. Our life lasts only seconds in comparison to these giants. Cheers Mitza

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    1. Thank You, Maureen! I’m really glad you enjoyed them! It was a long drive, for a 90 minute walk around before it closed. It was a good 10 degrees cooler than Perth tho. yippee!

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