Impressionist Watercolor Paintings

watercolor umber fields, painting

Two small impressionist watercolor landscape paintings. Both mounted onto the gorgeous, velvet surface of Stonehenge in black. But their formats and their use of edges are distinctive and unique from each other.


watercolor umber fields, painting
Impressionist Fields

Impressions of the Land


Horizontal Format

The Umber Fields with indigo feathered distant trees creates a calmer, more Contemplative scene. Its horizontal format ensured the effect for this impressionist watercolor painting.

Enhanced by my deckling the paper edges and collaging the bark feathery soft edged brown paper at the base to anchor it.   The 3 edges of Watercolor would give you pointers on using edges in watercolor, if you’d like to pop over for a glance.



Vertical Format

The  vertical format with  the blue/orange color palette, sits upright. Vertical lines equate to  – Alert. Ready!  Its edges are sharp along the borders. But,  the inside is soft, melting, like a marshmallow.

The brown bark paper I’ve collaged at the right hand base, anchors the image quite securely and also could appear to be a shape of some boulders…. if one Imagined.


Both images were small, I decided to turn them into one of a kind,   hand made cards. I love using the black Stonehenge for cards, it creates a bold impact that seems to suit many of my watercolors.



watercolor impressionist landscape, blue and orange,
Desert Castles, Impressions Debi Riley


Develop a ‘stamp’ of my own

It is always a good thing to develop a flair, a certain way with the colors or with the brush… that is yours alone.

A Voice,  that is Heard.

An Original ‘Stamp’ that sets you apart.


I will on occasion,  use the black Stonehenge.  It serves the purpose to make my work, more me.  Unique and  different.

And completely in harmony with my goal,  to convey the spirit of the land.




My apologies for Monday’s post delay.

I seem to have taken an unexpected detour this weekend.

No,  not just to my local park at the end of the street, this time.  But a 900 kilometer detour.

We went to The Valley of The Giants. Near Denmark, Western Australia.


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    1. thank you! I played a bit with how these were going to go onto the cards, til I finally got there.
      really…. its been many years of hard work and practice… and passion, then last a sprinkle of talent. I didn’t start like this. oh my, those first months were SAD 🙂

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