Teal Lagoon Watercolor

Teal lagoon watercolor, debiriley.com

Silly Saturday’s artwork was inspired by a trip to Yanchep National Park, in Western Australia. The lake and lagoon had lovely “S” curves that I thought served well for “Silly Saturday” initials today.  (And, I’m back on cobalt teal.)


Yanchep park lagoon, Western Australia, debiriley.com
Yanchep Lagoon

First, a sample of what the view of the Yanchep parkland lagoon looked like.


Teal Lagoon of Yanchep

I took the photo and played around in some of my digital programs with the colors, design, format, lighting, etc.

I loaded the digital painting bucket tool with cobalt teal and turned the water teal…. Which, was the deciding factor.


The paints came out. The digital program went off.

I had to give the double “S” curves a go in Cobalt Teal…..’just to see What If…’


Teal lagoon watercolor, debiriley.com
Teal Lagoon


Brushes and  Colors

My Rekab brush and I did a simple dance upon the paper. Just enough to simulate the 2 curves.

The Cobalt Teal Blue pg50 was slathered about with a lovely  fully saturated brush.


Two fun playfull turns,  two “S” curved lines in Indigo on a damp CP paper finished my Silly Saturday spot of fun.

Quick and easy.  Full of color and soft curving movement.



Later Use

This has some merits I think I’ll be exploring further.

This type of abstracted approach with cobalt teal would work well for another place I’ve been in the past…with a gorgeous rock pool. I’ve lost my photos,  but the memory is still crystal clear.


Types of Papers

Maybe on different paper next time though.

Today’s paper was a Cold Press and so, there wasn’t much textural effects going on.

But if I used a Fabriano Rough, Schoellerhammer rough, Saint Armand handmade rough, Schut, handmade Punjab or Khadi, Indian Village  – papers with deep pits and crevices to help create more texture – those would work out exceptionally well for providing texture of rocks and shallows.





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    1. excellent! I have another soon 🙂 “of course you do” you smirk ! hahahaha thank you so much Charlie, I really enjoy hearing from you and getting your feedback! 🙂 have a great week! Debi

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  1. these lagoon looks really very beautiful and inviting and you have found a wonderful spot there. Your painting has a wonderful sway, is very calming and bright in colors, something appreciable in this grey rainy weather here, cheers Mitza

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    1. soon Mitza, your grey days shall turn bright and the buds burst forth with spring color and excitement. not long now!! and, thank you – teal is a certain pleaser, lol debi

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  2. So,peacable and tranquill, is this lovely painting to my senses Debi . Teal Lagoon ( just resting ) ..for a moment , gazing into healing waters…..CATHARTIC !! ♥️ Joanne

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