Imagination, Creation, Inspiration: Friday’s Photos

vulnerable is the imagination, mushroom photograph,

What did I get up to for Friday’s Photographs? I read. I wandered. I imagined. I thought about things of a ‘delicate texture.’  Both tangible and intangible. I went for a micro mini walk. Truly I’m too embarrassed to call it a walk. To the nearest park is just at the end of our street, so… “a wander”  will suffice.

delicate imagination, photograph,
Delicate Imagination


What set my mind and legs to wandering was this wonderful quote I found by William  Hazlitt.

The Imagination

is of so delicate a texture

that even words

can wound it.



vulnerable is the imagination, mushroom photograph,


The  Imagination


I was inspired to get up right then. Go for that stroll. See what things out there might fill this inner definition, this quote that resonated like a drum within.

On went my shoes, my jumper (that’s OZ lingo for sweater)  and grabbed my camera, macro lens on.

My mission:  search for things that inspired my imagination in some way.  The other requirement,  they also needed to be some manner – fleeting, fragile, delicate or vulnerable.

In essence,  having an element of Wabi Sabi, impermanence and imperfection to them.


inspiration, photos,
Gently Inspired


William Hazlitt:  Writer, Painter

I had to know more, about Hazlitt,  he intrigued me so.

William Hazlitt was born in Maidstone, UK in 1778. He was a writer, renowned art critic, painter, philosopher.

A friend of Charles Lamb, William painted Lamb’s portrait quite beautifully.  William’s older brother John, studied under the well known artist Sir Joshua Reynolds for some time before striking out on his own and later teaching William the painting arts.


William had a tumultuous personal life, as artists frequently did in those days. But then, he also, often sought solace in nature, going off to a quiet country retreat to find new inspiration and restoration.

Peace and serenity!


A lovely post today featured a great photograph and quote by Charles Lamb. If you check out “Captivate Me,” a WordPress site by it is in today’s posts.


imagine, inspired to create. photo,
Shimmering, Reflection


The other quote of Hazlitt’s that resonates so deeply with my inner artist is,

We do not see Nature with our eyes,

but with our understandings and our Hearts.



Reflection of sky, photo,
It Is But a Reflection


I was inspired.  I imagined.  I created.

Words have power. And it was  ‘some words’ written nearly 200 years ago, that so stirred me that I arose and went seeking fresh perspectives on an area I’ve seen a million times before.  50 Meters from my house.

I set my mind to be open to imagining.

To try to think differently.  To try to see differently.



Hazlitt’s words reach deep and I feel their power.

I created images with a unique,  new perspective.

  • Skies and houses that are merely reflections and not the actual objects.
  • Background surroundings of flowers that captivated my heart.
  • A feather floating gently like a boat out for an afternoon sail.
  • Mushrooms pale, thin, fragile…here only today.



Textures of Imagination, floral photograph,
Textures of Imagination



What’s In It For You?

I write these posts, I continue the website for the main purpose of encouraging the unique creativity and imagination of each person.

To try to inspire a boldness to go take a risk of expressing your voice.


How might you find value here?  What is within this post that you could extract and use for yourself?


What is out there, in Nature,  that might serve to inspire your imaginings?

How might you imagine and create?

I can just Imagine……….




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30 thoughts on “Imagination, Creation, Inspiration: Friday’s Photos

    1. as artists, we struggle, to Inspire and impart our passions and visions. And then, we Hope, we touch someone out there. I believed you might enjoy those 2, those most. thank you Nico Peace, shalom.

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  1. It is Chuck Close who wrote, “Paint what you see, not what you think you see?” What you posted today is just that what your imagination and creative spirit truley saw, Hazlitt words ring true to the heart of the artist. Thank you Debi for taking the time to compile this wonderful inspiration today.

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    1. Thanks Sharon!! I like Mr. Close’s words – they are just right !
      I’m happy that you found this post and my micro-mini walk, enjoyable today. Hope you a great weekend planned 🙂

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    1. Glad you liked the feather, drifting gently Charlie!! I had a wonderful mini retreat, its nice to know you enjoyed the imaginations….. 🙂 have a great day!

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  2. I don’t know what is more beautiful: the quotes or your photos. We have this in common that we get inspired by a lot of things and see those little details which are important and which have nice colors and good compositions. Your posts are very inspiring, Debi, cheers Mitza

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      1. yes, Debi, that’s true. Wish you could have come with me today to an exhibition of my favorite painter. It was very interesting and inspiring to see his paintings, lithographies and drawings from close. It gave me some ideas. My favorite drawing was called: the diary of an amaryllis, which was 8 drawings of the different development states of this beautiful flowers. It was too big to steal it though. 😦

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  3. I love this post… and why you write them Debi – you certainly do encourage and inspire! I love that you do 🙂
    The William Hazlitt quote is beautiful.. I think it can say a lot about us creatives too.
    Many thanks for the mention in your post. I appreciate it.. and so funny that we are thinking so closely to these fellows and their words.
    Beautiful images and great finds this Friday. Have a wonderful weekend! 😀

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    1. my grateful thanks Robyn. I too found it so coincidental you were doing Lamb at the same time. Hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂 Debi


  4. You’re a complete artist. I have been impressed by these images, they are full of sensitivity and expertise. My dovoción for your art, Debi! Cheers!

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