The simplicity of watercolors beckons.


simply watercolors, Autumn leaf,
Simply Watercolors



one brush

The Rekab 320s #2  performs this task, this technique with exquisite finesse.



one color

Burnt Sienna, PBr7 creates the brilliance, the tonal nuances,  the clarity, the lack of mud that I delight in.



one skewer

The tip of a skewer to add, judiciously, if needed a few hints of veins here and there.



one short stroll

A mini wander around the local park, gathering my own easy to carry,  reference materials. Things that are tangible, things that have some personal meaning to me. Something, that allows me to impart a bit of spark and zing into the creation.


simply watercolors, found leaf,
Found Leaf

one single fluid heartfelt brushstroke

A single continuous stroke to complete the form.  One brushstroke,  from the heart to the mind; on through to the shoulder then hand,  to the brush all in one fluid, continuous extension of thought. Simplicity.  Not simple.


I don’t desire any bells and whistles.  Back to Nature, the calming feel of one good brush and a relaxing mood to convey. Zen. That’s all.

Simply, Watercolors




Watercolor Brushes,  Banish Boring Brushstrokes,  and  the page Watercolor Basic Tips  numerous helpful tips on papers, colors, techniques, mud, fiddling, etc.  you may find entertaining and enlightening.