My Rose Creations

shell pink rose photo,

Delicate barely there shell pinks. So pretty. And yet, when created in black and white fascinate as well. The patterns and designs within had a wonderful gentleness that I felt and wished to convey.

shell pink rose photo,
Shell Pink Rose




BW photo open rose,
BW Open Rose


Spring Roses a Creation


I imagine.

I create.

I let the subject speak to me!   When its a real,  tangible,  touchable subject it will connect in a way like no other can.

It must be real, not a newspaper, postcard, magazine, webpic. In order for the audience to be truly, moved by it, to feel it,  to connect to it,   I need to physically feel and see the subject.  Get to know it. Befriend it.

Only then can I impart essence,  heart and soul, spark into the painting. Yes, I suppose,  I can paint a ‘pretty enough’  picture without having befriended the tangible subject. But…


Pretty or Soul?

I don’t want merely  ‘pretty!’

To match what is in my heart,  I want it to have heart and soul. To move others, to connect.

Like a really moving piece of music, with voices that connect and touch the heart.  Like that. That’s the goal.



The Image Created

When I find a subject, connect with it, imagine, create from it – this image created  is uniquely,  Mine.

It belongs to me.

Its a part of me,  a part of that moment in time that I spent with the subject.

And whether its trees, roses, reflections, abstracts or photographs…it’s a Creation of Mine!   What a lovely feeling.


Colors, Material, Details

With white gouache, permanent rose, cobalt,  cerulean and winsor lemon I created a tall vase with an overflowing mass of of flowers.

A flair of calligraphic ink strokes completed the loose watercolor look, and I put the brush down!


The watercolor bouquet of roses painting,  fits onto a 5×7 inch card  and was inspired by my stroll of a couple days ago.


This watercolor card will be the first item going in my store…. or if you would like it right NOW, I can work with that too.  $22 AUD + s/h


This week, I’ll be revisiting my paintings and images of the past few months to find the popular ones and place them on offer as well, either as prints or originals.

I was busy this weekend on ‘shops’  –  So,  yes it is getting closer!

If you have had any personal ‘favorites’ of the past and want to let me know,   I’d be happy to include those as the store progresses.

spring roses watercolor card, painting,
Spring Roses Bouquet




Any of my images may be pinned, or reblogged;  just link back to my site!

I’m sure you will understand;

Art is my Job.  It is my source of income.


So, please  do  Not take, use,  or copy

any of my images, photos or paintings:  they are mine.

If you want a painting or photograph, please inquire.


Thanks,   I appreciate this!!   Debi



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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

42 thoughts on “My Rose Creations

    1. Thank You Jodi! ms. swoon-ee! yes, well atm, its a WIP…. in the meantime, I set up a couple on redbubble though, til the other shop gets sorted. But… the bee in is my Bonnet! 🙂

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    1. thank you Cynthia!! I’ve just mentioned to Laura, am in ‘abeyance’ or something over at etsy….I made an typo error. anyway, Thank you, it is a WIP. 🙂

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    1. many,
      many Big Thank you’s Laura!
      estsy and I still haven’t come together, yet… but atm, redbubble has. Smile.
      so I’m there to start. if, I was more techie I could just jingle my fingers, poof, there’s a shop, like everyone else seems to do. sigh. 🙂

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      1. Hi Laura and another smiling Thank you to you!
        The web, I find is a challenging endeavor.
        I’ve had art shows, gallery sales in Seattle, Dallas, Sydney. I’ve just always done it The hard Old Fashioned Way!
        I ‘know’ that way. its comfy. and safe.
        Computers. the web.
        I find a lot of ‘stuff goes on that I dislike. I’ve had to just go ahead & do it and know in advance what can happen to some people’s artworks.

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  1. Running slower than the digital world these days, am I ; but the reason being so wonderfully expressed in your words about ‘ getting to touch, inquire, feel the essance of A SUBJECT …!!..I was beginning to feel ( in a small way ) ..that I was ‘ out of date’ Debi !!.. Alas, Not true ( smile ) !! The black and white photos I took, just scratches the surface ….. How encouraging and irreplaceable is the ” Teacher !” …. Somehow Eidelon to this lovely Shell Pink Rose and delicate Spring Roses Bouquet enlivened my spirit. . A long comment, covering many days; of musical and ” silly ” fun/ Creation!!. Too many words!!. I am often times visiting Watercolour BASICS … AND learning . Seriously, Thoughtfully, Feb 29 / 2016 … Greetings!!. From Joanne in Canada ….🍀

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    1. Joanne, your comment is touching! Thank You!
      I am so rewarded by knowing, that you hear the call,
      To Feel the Essence of the subject”
      … Fan tastic…
      thats The Way!

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  2. Our art is an extension of us and that makes it very unique because it reflects who we are and you’re a most beautiful artist and an inspiring one as well who teaches us to see the beauty which surrounds us in our everyday’s life. Wonderful post Debi and very exiting to know about your shop 🙂

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    1. thank you Eva, it is so rewarding when someone else Understands what I am attempting to convey to people!

      I love what you just said –

      Eva’s quote, “Our art is an extension of us and that makes it very unique because it reflects who We Are..”

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    1. Thank you very much Sharon!
      I meant to do that! I was rather unhappy with computers & shops…. But I’ll put in a link, later. I rushed to get something onto those shops after days of failures. (learning curve)
      Not, the lovely graceful slow unfolding like the rose. I Wish!

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  3. I wish you a lot of success with your shop, Debi. I’m sure a lot of people would like to have a painting from you. Cheers from cold Hamburg, Mitza

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    1. Mitza, that is so lovely, thank you!
      On redbubble & society 6 shops; etsy not quite yet.WIP.
      It does give people options to look and make any purchases, yes. As well as, understanding all these artworks are the fruit of ‘my labor’ helps too.
      Perhaps COLD, Hamburg shall be warming up to Spring soon? Yes!

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      1. Yes, that’s very important that you consider your artworks as fruit of your labor. I consider my photos as fruit of my extraordinary imagination and fruit of my labor, too.
        Thanks for wishing me some warming up here. The truth is: it’s -5 degrees C, which is 23 F, I have to scratch the windows of my car every morning, don’t get the doors open, freeze like an polar bear but don’t have such a thick fur, hehe. It’s 1st of March and no spring inside. Supposed to snow later. I’m sick of winter, I’ll move to Oz, hehe

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  4. Wonderful post – roses are my all time favorite flower and your photographs are just lovely. Now the painting, well that is awesome with a capital A! Best wishes on getting your shop up and running, looking forward to seeing it ~

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    1. Wow, thank you Mary for a wonderful comment!
      they are lovely flowers 🙂
      Did have some hiccups, so til sorted… put work onto society6 shop and redbubble shop.

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  5. Great post and I support your request of people not to take your work. It’s a risk professional artists have to take, we live and work in the digital age, but people should respect the fact that we do make art for our livelihoods and taking an image is theft. Great post! Best wishes to you, Maxine 😀

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    1. Thank you so very much for your support on this issue Maxine!
      It does seem strange to me that everyone doesn’t see it this way. Maybe if they thought of it like a book… They’d never read a book…. copy it, and resell it! Thanks again, Debi

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  6. Yes and yes I like to feel my art as well no matter what form just like I adore how white the center of a York peppermint patty is so I have to look at it awhile before I eat it. Congratulations!

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  7. Good luck with the shop Debi. I have been thinking about that myself for a while and it was going to be my New Year’s Resolution but for various reasons haven’t followed through yet. Look forward to seeing how yours goes and how you set it up. I’ll be hoping to learn from you 🙂

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    1. Thank you Andrew. I’ve only begun this! 1 thing to be aware of, is if you plan to use Etsy at all, do not make any typos. I did. They now “need me to email” passport/license to verify ID. Not going to happen. That’s Tip #1 the other things you’re pretty adept with computer pixels etc. SoYou’re good on that, plus keywords. All things I need more skills with. I’m taking a ‘break’ from it all, right now though. 🙂

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