Delicate barely there shell pinks. So pretty. And yet, when created in black and white fascinate as well. The patterns and designs within had a wonderful gentleness that I felt and wished to convey.

shell pink rose photo,
Shell Pink Rose




BW photo open rose,
BW Open Rose


Spring Roses a Creation


I imagine.

I create.

I let the subject speak to me!   When its a real,  tangible,  touchable subject it will connect in a way like no other can.

It must be real, not a newspaper, postcard, magazine, webpic. In order for the audience to be truly, moved by it, to feel it,  to connect to it,   I need to physically feel and see the subject.  Get to know it. Befriend it.

Only then can I impart essence,  heart and soul, spark into the painting. Yes, I suppose,  I can paint a ‘pretty enough’  picture without having befriended the tangible subject. But…


Pretty or Soul?

I don’t want merely  ‘pretty!’

To match what is in my heart,  I want it to have heart and soul. To move others, to connect.

Like a really moving piece of music, with voices that connect and touch the heart.  Like that. That’s the goal.



The Image Created

When I find a subject, connect with it, imagine, create from it – this image created  is uniquely,  Mine.

It belongs to me.

Its a part of me,  a part of that moment in time that I spent with the subject.

And whether its trees, roses, reflections, abstracts or photographs…it’s a Creation of Mine!   What a lovely feeling.


Colors, Material, Details

With white gouache, permanent rose, cobalt,  cerulean and winsor lemon I created a tall vase with an overflowing mass of of flowers.

A flair of calligraphic ink strokes completed the loose watercolor look, and I put the brush down!


The watercolor bouquet of roses painting,  fits onto a 5×7 inch card  and was inspired by my stroll of a couple days ago.


This watercolor card will be the first item going in my store…. or if you would like it right NOW, I can work with that too.  $22 AUD + s/h


This week, I’ll be revisiting my paintings and images of the past few months to find the popular ones and place them on offer as well, either as prints or originals.

I was busy this weekend on ‘shops’  –  So,  yes it is getting closer!

If you have had any personal ‘favorites’ of the past and want to let me know,   I’d be happy to include those as the store progresses.

spring roses watercolor card, painting,
Spring Roses Bouquet




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I’m sure you will understand;

Art is my Job.  It is my source of income.


So, please  do  Not take, use,  or copy

any of my images, photos or paintings:  they are mine.

If you want a painting or photograph, please inquire.


Thanks,   I appreciate this!!   Debi