Saturday! Silly Art Creations

silly fun painting and photos,

Saturday is here!  Its Time.  Time for some silliness….. to create some wild and fun, even hilarious art!   No serious poker faces here today. Nope.

silly fun painting and photos,
Silly Triad of colors

Make a mess. Put a sheet down. Take it outside. Take it into the garage. Don’t let ‘Tidiness and Mess’  waggle their fingers at your precious artist within. Not today.

Don’t let anyone else see it. Better still, create art with the grandchildren.

They will LOVE It!


triad from watercolors, digital art,
Triad from Watercolors


Silly Art: what I did today


A watercolor dabble with plastic wrap, in purples and teals, and a yellow.  I made a mess splashing around trying out lots of different colors, brushes and papers!


Then I took it inside.  Picked one image randomly and photographed it.

With the one photograph, I  turned my imagination loose.  And imagined…… All sorts of fun things to do.


Next step,   I Then went into the new digital art program and proceeded to ‘bend, mangle and decimate’ to my heart’s content!  Of course none are masterpieces! They weren’t meant to be. Today.


Today was for ‘Silly Saturday’  – Free to do whatever a kid would do. Excellent!


digital art, watercolor painting,
Connections of Dots

It was fun.  It was silly.  I had a Good Time!



The Original looked like this:

Watercolor plastic wrap fun painting, teal, blue, lilac,
Original Watercolor Glad Wrap Fun




For those who may still be wondering, “What’s the Point?   ‘silly-shmilly’, let’s get to work!”


  • Well,  I believe that by playing we learn. We learn many things; not only the subject we are engaged in, but about problem solving in general. Very Useful, yes.
  • Also,  by playing I am practicing this skill.  Practice makes perfect.  I will practice, A LOT.
  • And then,  I just discovered… I really like the purple, teal blue, green, gold  color combination.
  • In the past, I’d have turned from it.  But,  I see that this combination appeals to me now. I will use it for more paintings in the near future.



Enjoy Saturday. Be ‘silly’.

Go. make a mess!



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38 thoughts on “Saturday! Silly Art Creations

      1. the new digital art program I am ‘experimenting’ with ie Learning, has 50 types of filters, and that “Tile” was one of them. Its only the 3rd time I’ve tried the program, so its all new to me!

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  1. Gold star! 😉 Did you ever try creating a watercolour canvas without brushes, Debi? Just a random thought… you know, if you’ve got nothing serious planned for next Saturday… 😀 x

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    1. you have great ideas Kerry!
      and yes, indeed, and so fun! especially if the canvas is gessoed, or molding paste on it. love it.
      also spray mister, splatter, pour the paint on. then, there is The Knife! you got me started Kerry, lol

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  2. Hey I’m not alone playing with digital programs and creating mandalas of some sort and I love it too, really! Goes in an eye blink and there it is, while to make a shoe design takes long this is how I unplug the wires and let the connections loose! Great post, now I go and have some fun, sorry…silly fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Your silliness is amazing!! I was saying Wow out loud this morning. It is a blast to combine the natural with the digital. You are developing some wonderful techniques.

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    1. thank YOU Sharon! I do appreciate that 🙂
      still trying lots out, and still have not worked out the whole ‘layers’ thing. I can hear myself – ‘just practice Debi’, ….. rolling my eyes.

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    1. thank you muchly Charlie! normally I ‘do glad wrap’ just for the Joy, ie therapy. But I do use it also for mountains, flowers, foliage, etc, at times. I’m glad…. it made you smile!

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  4. I love all these bright colors and what a fun way to get such a pretty design! Reminds me of the spring that’s coming next month….thanks Debi! 🙂 🙂

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    1. thank you Laura! my preference, is hands on…the silky feel of paper and the glide of a palette knife….. yes!
      but, I need to build some skill sets too. rmy.

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  5. how did I ever miss this post! love your “silly” paintings, they look like beautiful art to me! I have a question for you, I was going to find a post about yellow to ask. I am finding out that my DS Aureolin is a warm yellow. I need a cool yellow, is the Hansa Light a cool yellow?


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