A Side Glance: Friday’s Photograph

A stunning pink and crimson gum blossom newly emerging. A dainty little caplet barely tipping off to the side. A charming and coy, “side glance.”

side glance, gum tree blossom red, photograph, debiriley.com
Blossom in Side Glance


Side Glance – Attributes

I like this photo because –    yes, it has pretty colors….  but it has  excellent edges.  Soft, medium and sharp Edges  –  where they are supposed to go.


The Focal Point, lucky me,  is in the correct location.      There is a very good ratio of tonal values, from palest lights to deep darks.


The photograph also has a very nice balance of Directional Lines in the composition.  That is, it has Vertical lines, Horizontal lines, and Diagonal lines.    



More Information

Click on those links above,    and/or    (type in  “edges”   and  “lines”  in my Search box)   for  further explanations  & clarification of how they create a better image possible.




A quote I like, by philosopher Rene Descartes,  pairs well with this photo:

“Hope is the desire of the soul

to be convinced that

the Dream will come True.”





  1. Just love this perfect image and the way you’ve described it’s composition and make up.
    Is there a painting in the future inspired by this beauty? I hope so.
    Love those gorgeous magentas – pretty sure they’d go so nicely with white and your favourite cobalt teal 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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