A Side Glance: Friday’s Photograph

side glance, gum tree blossom red, photograph, debiriley.com

A stunning pink and crimson gum blossom newly emerging. A dainty little caplet barely tipping off to the side. A charming and coy, “side glance.”

side glance, gum tree blossom red, photograph, debiriley.com
Blossom in Side Glance


Side Glance – Attributes

I like this photo because –    yes, it has pretty colors….  but it has  excellent edges.  Soft, medium and sharp Edges  –  where they are supposed to go.


The Focal Point, lucky me,  is in the correct location.      There is a very good ratio of tonal values, from palest lights to deep darks.


The photograph also has a very nice balance of Directional Lines in the composition.  That is, it has Vertical lines, Horizontal lines, and Diagonal lines.    



More Information

Click on those links above,    and/or    (type in  “edges”   and  “lines”  in my Search box)   for  further explanations  & clarification of how they create a better image possible.




A quote I like, by philosopher Rene Descartes,  pairs well with this photo:

“Hope is the desire of the soul

to be convinced that

the Dream will come True.”



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26 thoughts on “A Side Glance: Friday’s Photograph

  1. Just love this perfect image and the way you’ve described it’s composition and make up.
    Is there a painting in the future inspired by this beauty? I hope so.
    Love those gorgeous magentas – pretty sure they’d go so nicely with white and your favourite cobalt teal 😉

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    1. this one would demand, a lot more time than I currently have to offer it.
      But, perhaps at some stage.
      In mixed media though, as watercolor would not deliver what I feel is being asked from the subject.

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      1. I like that! Knowing what medium you’d prefer…and when.
        I think mixed media would be awesome. I’d probably need to try oil pastel too 😜

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      2. mixed media is great, returning to fix up my tonal issues with white or black ink splatter can be quite fun.
        And the oil pastels….. I used to detest them, til I bought a Sennelier. my gosh, these are like lipstick!! wonderful!

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    1. cool. thank you Jodi! I think it helps beginners (don’t think of you as a beginner photographer at this point!) to figure out Why they liked an image.
      thank you for the feedback too. Its ALWAYS helpful to me. 🙂

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  2. fantastic photo and quote. Love the colors of this flower, it’s like an explosion or a pink firework, Debi, nature at it’s best. Cheers Mitza

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