The art of inspiration,  is being aware. So often I run about doing the daily tasks – oblivious to what is around me.  Whether its birds softly calling, or curtains dancing in the breeze… or even some fabulous graffiti. I can just miss out.

inspiration of the art in nature, tree photo,
Inspiration of Nature

While strolling in the welcome coolness of early morning – I was aware. I was fully present.

I had resolved to think of the entire day… as precious.


Art of Inspiration Opening My Eyes

This is an art that many of us forget or perhaps need to be retaught.  By deciding in advance, that every moment in this day was an investment – I opened the door for Inspiration.


These two photographs I’m sharing are 2 snippets out of 300 from my inspiring walk yesterday morning. I think I packed more into that space of time than even I thought possible.

I made every moment count.

And then I recorded each moment.


Woodland Inspiration, tree photo, art of being inspired,
Tree In the Woods

The two watercolor paintings from My Precious,  have part of their essence, part of the inspiration from the trees and branches I photographed on the stroll.



Inspiration is anywhere I choose it to Be.

But really Inspiration is within. What I have determined. What I am willing to open my mind to. How uniquely –  I am willing to view that object.

I went on a walk to the local parkland….  I could have taken that same journey through my house. And discovered as much, if not more, things of inspiration.

Teal Pool Forest Edge Inspiration, watercolors,
Teal Pool Forest Edge




I visited a rose garden, a wooded glen, a garden patch, a pond and a park; all just right down the road.  A short 10 minute walk.

My walk went on for the 2 hours because, I stopped many times…..

And smelled the roses along the way.