Objects of Nature, plants and trees are an endless source of creative inspiration!  Drawing, printing, doodling, painting – Nature is the ‘go to’ gal. Sure, I have stacks of books, magazines, google, pinterest… but,  truly when MY eyes look upon even a cloud, a flower or a piece of bark, that becomes an endless world for me to explore.

friday photgraph black and white, debiriley.com
Succulent B/W

Low Key  – Tonal Values

The B/W succulent photograph in vertical format, a dark Low Key image, created a transcendence in which the plant seems to become something other, and mysterious.

Black and White photos are a great way to make sure you get enough light, white, mid tone, greys, darks, black tones in your photographs.  And,  by referring to these, it helps you in your paintings, doodles, printing, collages, pastels, etc. as well.  Because you can see the tonal values clearly.


The lovely close up of the magnolia,  from our garden,  not The Neighbor’s –  has soft delicate petals that curve gracefully. And,  they smell divine.

monochrome black and white photograph magnolia, debiriley.com
Magnolia Monochrome

Negative Spaces are Shapes

The cropped branches of a pewter tree against the black background lets us see all the beautiful negative shapes and spaces in between that create such intricate patterns to hold our eye.   Each of my images,  have negative spaces, but this one is the most obvious.


black and white photo, branches, photo, debiriley.com



By choosing black and white, I chose to ‘cool’ down the overall image.

Going with color would warm it up. I wanted to provide a sense of relief from the heat.

At 43.6 c in the patio shade for a couple days running, any cool relief would be lovely.





Just these 3 objects,   can provide 100’s of creative paintings, drawings, collages, prints, doodles, photographic digital art.

Amazing, isn’t it!