Midnight of Eidolon: Monday

midnight blue, indigo falls, debiriley.com

Moody Monday at midnight…. capturing the Indigo Falls

And, thinking of Edgar A. Poe’s   Dreamland once again.

….of Eidolon on his Night Throne.



midnight blue, indigo falls, debiriley.com
Midnight of Eidolon


(Dawn Falls a near opposite, is a great partner post to have a quick look at along with this image.)




acrylic painting abstract, indigo, debiriley.com
Midnight’s Dreamland




Both paintings are in acrylics using Indigo, cobalt violet, buff titanium and white with a dash of silver pigment with the palest tones.



These are both Low Key (dark) paintings.

Meaning the ratio of darker tones is more than the ratio of light tone. Low Key paintings tend to evoke feelings of disquiet, a brooding sombre quality that is, I believe conveyed here.

As Midnight of Eidolon is such a darkly intense painting, closing in on what I might call ‘foreboding’ I needed to create a balance.  Following this post,  the next post today  is very High Key.



The following post,  A Rose  illustrates the opposite of Low Key.

A Rose is quite clearly High Key, filled with Light Tones and evokes lighter feelings as well.



I’ve illustrated with two extreme examples of Low Key and High Key.

For the Beginners,  you can see what is meant when I refer to my images being  either High or Low Key down the track.




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43 thoughts on “Midnight of Eidolon: Monday

  1. Debi, here’s my completely subjective impression of these stunning paintings :)…
    I LOVE “Midnight of Eidolon” – to me, this actually feels like night in its most beautiful, mysterious and peaceful form! I would love to be in that place, right now, in that silence, and watch that star move across the night skies. I see myself at a waterfall… There’s something magically tranquil about this scene. To my eyes. Until I read that poem :)…
    “Midnight’s Dreamland”, however, feels scary! I see a face with two big black eyes on the right, and fog and uncertainty and fear come out of the “mouth”, beasts and crawly things move towards me, and I hope this won’t appear in my dreams tonight!!!
    There are so many stories in these images… Full of fairy tales…

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    1. What a wonderful interpretation Anyushka! thank you!
      I should copy and paste that into the post!
      Poe’s poem is on the frightening side; but I wanted to twist it around… and make it more less so, and more about the entity of Eidolon. his realm, personality. less scary.
      I love your thoughtful comment, thank you!

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  2. I love these. And it seems like you’ve done with acrylics of what you said one could only do with oil (in that indigo and fire night sky). The textured light tones in the blue creates another kind of luminosity.
    In that vein–how close do you think one can get to oils, using gloss gel and mediums for layering glazes in acrylics? Years ago I painted in oils, and miss that quality–the expense of starting from scratch again with oils is prohibitive… and then there’s learning again the technical knowledge involved in with layering and glazes–if you don’t want your paintings to craze and fall off the canvas in a few years! Acrylics are so much more forgiving that way. I find I’m getting closer–using gloss gel, mediums for thinning, and Soluvar, not polymer, varnish.

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    1. thank you Jacob, I try to challenge myself and do what ‘can’t be done’! many times, they don’t work.
      acrylics used with open medium will handle more like oils. and if nearly there, works for you … go for it! many, thin veils of glazes will also work. if using artists paints.


    2. Jacob, just thinking, with the “Skies of Fire” it was a vivid sunset with melting soft edges. I still think my 1st choice solution for a Sunset like that, would be oils. “Midnight of Eidolon” being so dark, with no yellow/oranges can handle a w/c or acrylic approach with no worries.
      it is a tricky call, which medium to use.
      And most artists will normally have their standard medium preference they use just about all the time, regardless. I don’t. I wait to feel what the subject is telling me to use…..this works for me. 🙂


  3. Artist quality pigments, yes Why need to use mediums and not just water. Both the saturation of pigments, and not to dilute the polymers.

    … I should give oils a shot again. Go for 4 pigments + white. I get freaked at how much I don’t know about expansion of different pigments and keeping the balance of oil right in the underlayers.

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    1. hi Sharon, thank you – for your lovely comments and thoughts on these 2. They’re really interesting, but soo dark. Not what I’d hang up I must say!

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  4. Oh Debi – how do you do it?! I mean – I know you tell us, but your talent is bar none! you knock my socks off with every single post. I am in awe! Yep – I’m SWOONING! Oh to have your talent!!!! Even just a tiny smidge of it! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. see Jodi, you did it again! every time with swoon 🙂
      I’ve seen your art, your creations, and I see your wonderful skills and imagination and Persistence. so, You Do have ‘IT’! its simply a case, of brushhours. thats it.

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      1. Oh Debi – how I wish I could have you for a day or a week to just paint together and teach me your magic! If you created videos, I would gladly pay to watch and learn from you!!! Did you ever consider doing them for someone like Craftsy?

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      2. that is so lovely Jodi! my confession is…I would consider videos! but, I don’t have a person to do the ‘video. And I, do not have those skills.

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      3. Darn! 😦 You can do yourself I think with the right equipment. But I do not want to recommend anything that will take the joy away from you in doing what you do best! 🙂

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      4. perhaps I can google this or pinterest it. It has to be like anything else, with enough hours of diligent work, study, practice I can learn it. Its a maybe. 🙂

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      1. Maybe that’s why I love Russian literature so much, because it’s sometimes dark and dismal, too, but overwhelming and beautiful. 🙂


    1. hi Rita, Thank you! I was hoping that the curving design would keep it from becoming too ‘haunting’ even though its nearly all dark 🙂 Glad that you enjoyed this Rita! cheers, Debi

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