Moody Monday at midnight…. capturing the Indigo Falls

And, thinking of Edgar A. Poe’s   Dreamland once again.

….of Eidolon on his Night Throne.



midnight blue, indigo falls,
Midnight of Eidolon


(Dawn Falls a near opposite, is a great partner post to have a quick look at along with this image.)




acrylic painting abstract, indigo,
Midnight’s Dreamland




Both paintings are in acrylics using Indigo, cobalt violet, buff titanium and white with a dash of silver pigment with the palest tones.



These are both Low Key (dark) paintings.

Meaning the ratio of darker tones is more than the ratio of light tone. Low Key paintings tend to evoke feelings of disquiet, a brooding sombre quality that is, I believe conveyed here.

As Midnight of Eidolon is such a darkly intense painting, closing in on what I might call ‘foreboding’ I needed to create a balance.  Following this post,  the next post today  is very High Key.



The following post,  A Rose  illustrates the opposite of Low Key.

A Rose is quite clearly High Key, filled with Light Tones and evokes lighter feelings as well.



I’ve illustrated with two extreme examples of Low Key and High Key.

For the Beginners,  you can see what is meant when I refer to my images being  either High or Low Key down the track.