At the break of day, just as the sun crept above the horizon I zipped out to the garden. Before the dawn’s light waned and the stronger mid morning light prevailed; before the sweltering heat played drumbeats in my head.        In the Garden, she arose.


A Rose in the garden, photo,
She Arose


High Key Filled with Light

High Key images are quite simply those that have a Dominant ratio of Light Tone within them.  Upon observation, they are light, airy, seemingly filled with more hope and joy than an image that is more Low Key, dominantly darker tones.


To balance the darkness, the haunting sombre Low Key of Midnight of Eidolon I decided to post “A Rose”  as well.   Shadows and Light – I felt balance was needed.


I am pleased with the way this very early light conveyed a sense of the delicate and ephemeral sweetness of the lovely rose.

The soft focus seems to have enhanced this fragility as well.

Its hard to believe, I’ve never been a huge fan of the rose until this year. But the abstract  shapes I’m seeing and the nuances of colors and tones have now charmed me!




In the Garden,

She arose

blushing  at dawn’s first light

My fair Rose.


Ephemeral beauty

her soft sweet perfume

she sent like a charm


the Garden dwellers