This Softly Blooms

Delicate ethereal, this softly blooms.  A pale blush against a gentle visage, hints of a time gone by. Nostalgia’s path we wander down.

Softly, flower photograph, romantic old fashioned,


For a moment, lost in time;  for a moment sweet memories entwine.

Delicate, ethereal. This softly blooms.





My time, back in Sydney  – amidst the old familiar terrain, places, people and ambience has come to an end. I’ve returned to Perth. It is an odd sense of Wabi Sabi  I feel, in the context of life rather than Art.

Wabi Sabi what is it?  A Japanese way of thinking about art.

In short, Wabi Sabi has 3 basic principles:  nothing is permanent; nothing is perfect; nothing is finished.  And this, so aptly describes  Monday Morning.




  1. SOOOOO much to love about this! The photo – WOWZA!!! Oh I hope you do a painting of this. I might even feel inspired to paint something from this!!!! And the lesson on Wabi Sabi – LOVE that too! Can you tell us about your trip? What were you up to?! 🙂

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    • Hi Aquileana, thank you ! These blossoms, are the native tea tree blooms and can look divine in the morning light. I am glad you liked the photo!! Have a lovely week :). Debi.


  2. yes, we can learn a lot from Asian wisdom and buddhism. Wabi Sabi is completely true and unfortunately one tends to forget it. Thanks for telling it to us again and thanks for this wonderful photo and the words, cheers Mitza

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  3. You are a lucky Lady spending 5 days with the most precious little boy that he is. I love his sense of capturing life and his intuition he is a very cleaver boy. Even the Harvey Norman catalogue’s he carts around shows great character. In all of us there is a bit of that comes from someone else, it takes all of us to make the person they are. I am so pleased you enjoyed your visit.. did you get the CD I left for you?

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    • Thanks June! yes, rec’d the Cd and will download it this week, thanks!!
      What a gorgeous child!! and he’s amazingly smart. Advanced Language skills you’d hear from a 4 yr old. I took 800+ photos, to ‘tide me over’ 🙂
      loved going into “T’s Cave” and telling stories of Oomha- so funny!
      blessed to spend time with him. sad, to have to leave and not see him for such a long time.


  4. Happy Wabi Sabi Monday Debi. Oh my goodness, not seeing your beautiful grandson for 11 months; what a wonderful 5 days you must have had but how hard it must have been to leave. Hopefully it won’t be so long before you’re together again.

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    • thank you very much for your lovely comment! I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and this photo, it was special to me 🙂 and a big thank you for the Follow!! cheers, Debi


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