Delicate ethereal, this softly blooms.  A pale blush against a gentle visage, hints of a time gone by. Nostalgia’s path we wander down.

Softly, flower photograph, romantic old fashioned,


For a moment, lost in time;  for a moment sweet memories entwine.

Delicate, ethereal. This softly blooms.





My time, back in Sydney  – amidst the old familiar terrain, places, people and ambience has come to an end. I’ve returned to Perth. It is an odd sense of Wabi Sabi  I feel, in the context of life rather than Art.

Wabi Sabi what is it?  A Japanese way of thinking about art.

In short, Wabi Sabi has 3 basic principles:  nothing is permanent; nothing is perfect; nothing is finished.  And this, so aptly describes  Monday Morning.