Flying over Naples Yellow

flying over naples yellow, Indigo, cobalt teal

Little wings,  seemingly in flight hovering mid air.  Could it be a hummingbird?   A painting with Naples Yellow,  cobalt teal,  indigo, and indanthrone blue create a wonderful color harmony I would not have expected from these colors!

flying over naples yellow, Indigo, cobalt teal
Flying Over Naples Yellow


I love the gorgeous naples yellow, a wonderful soft buttery subtle yellow.

Naples Yellow, Not brash nor loud, it is the perfect backdrop for other colours to take centre stage.  It retains its own entity, we don’t forget its there by any means.



Acrylic Colours used were:

Naples Yellow,   Magenta, White,  Cobalt Teal blue,  Indigo and Indanthrone blue.  The order used yellow first, then the magenta, a hand mixed grey,  the delightful cobalt teal blue, and last is the  indigo/indanthrone blend.


Normally,  I suggest not putting yellow down as a background, as its too warm.  But,  a nice challenge doesn’t hurt occasionally.


I just made sure the next layers of colors were darker, stronger and more powerful in order to improve the illusion of depth.

naples yellow indigo abstract painting,
Cobalt teal and Naples Yellow





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33 thoughts on “Flying over Naples Yellow

    1. thank you Willena for such a thoughtful and wonderful comment! I’m glad you liked this pairing of colors 🙂 cheers, Debi


    1. Hi Jodi, …. Smiling. Thank you very much! Good Naples yellow, just right, is magic!!
      And, btw, your brilliant pic of the winters bird is stunning!! 🙂

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    1. Pretty much much everything on my palette and then diluted it with probably……about 85% white
      It was just using left over paints, trying to keep it all as unified as possible

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      1. I know, when I come home from Greece I have to process 1200 photos. That takes some weeks, but I like this work. Take your time, Debi, cheers Mitza

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    1. thank you, you are very kind 🙂
      I didn’t always act like that with paint…. til I just one day, decided “its just a darn piece of paper, Debi!!” and, I didn’t HAVE To, show my family what messes I created either!
      Paintings…. livened up after that 🙂

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