Wild Morning Sky

Wild colors morning sky colors, photo, debiriley.com

Deep purple and magenta colours are knockout this morning!

Wild colors morning sky colors, photo, debiriley.com
Wild Colors Morning

The  deep shadowed tones of the neighbor’s rooftop is a sharp, contrast to the wild morning sky.

Within 90 seconds,  the colours, the contrast,  were gone.

An odd shape, on the far left looks like a Watcher upon the roof, waiting for the colours of the morning sky to burst from the night.


The colours I see in the sky are Ultramarine Blue, mixed with Cadmium Red for the dusky purple violet. A faint pale glimmer of dilute cobalt teal nearer the horizon with the vibrant yellow orange lighting it up.


Some of those very same colours, featured in my last post, Wednesday’s  Watercolor – Zen.


Glad I had the camera out on the table and waiting!



Thank  you for your comments, I will soon be returning to answer your questions in a couple more days!



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  1. that’s really beautiful, Debi. We had some similar sunrises, too, in the last days. Today I was overwhelmed by the frosty rime on the birchtrees in front of a shining dark blue sky. Fantastic, even though I hate winter, kind regards Mitza

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