Saturday Silly Art

Smiling and silly flower faces on Silly Saturday. A bit ‘bug eyed’  they jump right out!  Can you imagine doing some fun art faces with these flowers?

bright red, flower photograph,
Eye Popping Bright


Coloring Books for grown ups.

Perhaps, I could use these  flower photos as a tool,  a guide to make my own template for a coloring book pattern!


It might be fun to make my own and not use the  books.


These flowers have beautiful shapes and patterns, making them fairly easy to use as springboards and templates.

Would you like to try?!    You’re welcome to give it a go!


I could try other colours pairings:  like green, lavender, cobalt teal instead of the scarlet and yellow and black…


The artist,  May Gibbs   was a wonderfully creative and imaginative artist who turned mere flowers into amazing people-like,  created beings.  Her paintings and illustrations are amusing, clever and so lovely – they make you happy!

flower photo in b/w,
B/W flowers





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