Friday Photo: Hints of Abstraction

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Walking… I mean my version of walking. Slow strolling is more apt.  But, I am scouting for things out there!  If I go too fast, you know I’ll pass the lovely, the mysterious and delightful things right by, and we can’t have that.

tree bark, hint of abstraction, photo,
Hint of Abstraction


Its only when we pause and seriously Really Look, that we will see that shapes and patterns of the Abstracts.

Going about our everyday normal routine… we miss the the wonderful world of abstracts that nature has to offer us.

Like I nearly did walking by this group of trees.


landscape trees, Perth Australia, photo,
Bushland Trees


2016 is the year of the abstract.

Who said?

hmmm,  you caught me on that!! … I decided! For me its “the year of the abstract.”


hints, lines of abstraction, photo,
Lines of Abstraction



Pathways of Abstractions


Have a look at the 3 reference photographs I’ve taken.


First, have a look at the center photo  The Bushland Trees.

You probably can see how just walking by normally, I might easily have missed anything noteworthy.  Its just a very plain, ordinary view….. looks boring.

If you’d like a quick look, there’s ways to  banish boring brushstrokes in painting.


Now look at the very first top image, the zoom in of the tree bark Hints of Abstraction.

I’d gone up to one of the trees and zeroed right in on a specific tree area, after circling several times trying to find the right shapes.

This has a lovely pattern of tones with beautiful shapes.  The colours are nice too.


Lastly,  Lines of Abstraction is a digital play with one of the photographs, emphasizing the lines outlining the tree trunk.   Its just another media, another form of creating abstractions –  from what Nature had provided me with already.




The Sequence of my Abstraction Process:


  • walking
  • looking, hunting for shapes, tones with good contrasts
  • taking reference photos
  • assessing the photos for great shapes and tonal values of good contrast
  • taking the ‘normal’  ordinary image, zooming in to showcase and emphasize specific shapes, patterns, lines, etc.
  • disregarding the fact of what the original object was




They are not hard to find – they are everywhere!  Nor are they difficult to draw or paint, once you take the time to discover them.


They are really “just shapes and tones” and I’d love to share the discoveries of nature’s abstractions with you this year!

Atwell Gallery Perth courses, Colour Me Happy,  and The Excitement of Art;  plus the UWA ext.   ZEN of Drawing   will definitely be  featuring many aspects and elements of nature’s abstractions for Term 1 2016.







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27 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Hints of Abstraction

  1. Woo, preach it, my friend! *applause applause* You are so right about this! Of course, only artists like YOU can turn those abstract pieces into amazing works of art! But we baby artists may rise, with enough practice. Thanks for this terrific reminder, Debi!

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    1. hi Laura, absolutely all it takes to master the skill is adequate practice. I’ve practiced…. a lot. and should continue to do so too, lol
      thank you for your lovely Laura comments 🙂

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  2. Debi, I too love the exploring walks. I’ll look forward to your many abstract expressions coming our way. Will you be sharing any of the student art? Your teaching sessions sound fantastic.

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  3. Hi Debi ! I love how 2016 is translating on your blogs!.. Abstract IT Is. Just a comment that I have ” even” been dreaming in Abstract since I saw your ” Cool Purple WaterColour Textures!!” . I saw my old beat up Wooden Resting Table suddenly transformed? .. Which was odd? But, the idea was indeed planted in my vision!.. How excited that appeared. You are so encouraging in your works and ideas. I am plodding along … And doing the research!.,lol. Maybe I will paint music notes, or the such on it!.,..🎶💙 .. Thank you again from Joanne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Joanne! music is such a great inspiration for all the arts. That is awesome that you are so enthused with the abstractions…. woohooo! cheers, Debi

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  4. I’m actually restlessly looking around all the time, my eyes never stop
    rolling and my camera as well. My husband complains most of the time, he
    believes I can’t enjoy the walk if my mind is constantly busy, but I do, that is exactly how I relax. Nature naturally detoxifies my mind and all that
    beauty surrounding me is my nourishment to recharge.
    Anyway I got carried away on the wave of abstraction.
    All your points are most accurate and I’m looking forward to see your applications which are so very beautiful.
    Cheers to the year of abstract 2016!

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    1. I so agree. Nature relaxes so wonderfully, even as the eye scans the Beauty! Thank you Eva!! I really appreciated hearing from you and reading your thoughts and comments! cheers, Debi

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  5. I guess I should add here that since I started following your blog, my mind started thinking in music again!!..truly, That is a bonus and plus for me. The two art forms seem to go hand in hand in some ways as you suggested. I thought you would really like to hear about this as some feed back!!..I know it was because I was following art work.. And your Blogs. … And so on.. ( wishing you the best in 2016 ) !!…

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    1. you are right. music, math, art are very similiar. Kandinsky is one who comes to mind, whose work is very ‘musical’ in nature. thank you Joanne for your comments, thoughts and opinions. I appreciate hearing what you, and other readers are thinking!

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  6. Great post. This approach is reminiscent of a miksang/contemplative photography course I did which is worth googling too!

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    1. I did, and wow, I quite agree! now I can say, and will say, my photography is ‘Contemplative Photography’ …. who knew! thanks for sharing 🙂 cheers, Debi


  7. Nothing more beautiful than up close shots of tree bark, so many varieties, textures, shades and colors – love them all. Wonderful to read what presented itself to you while walking that you might never have seen before had not your eyes been open to possibilities.

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