Seductive, addictive cobalt teal blue. A blend of turquoise and cobalt teal blue reach out in invitation. Preceding layers of acrylic paint are seen beneath the surface, creating an illusion of depth in the turquoise shallows. Making me feel like I could easily walk right into liquid bliss.

ocean painting in acrylic, turquoise, cobalt teal,
Ocean Turquoise Cobalt Teal


Ocean Waters of Cobalt Teal


In both acrylic paintings I’ve used cobalt teal blue pg50,   indigo,  white, azo yello,  phalo turquoise,  in varying ratios.



Beneath the waters, lie colour filled shapes and sea forms that dance upon the currents. Also created using acrylics and featuring cobalt teal and turquoise, but done with the DIY gelli plate printing technique.   

sea forms, cobalt teal blue,
Sea Forms in Cobalt Teal

The gelli plate Printmaking method is a fairly easy and fast technique that creates multitudes of results which can be used in a vast number of ways.  This technique will feature in my Atwell Gallery upcoming Term 1 course,  The Excitement of Art.    



Colour and Movement as a Catalyst

In both artworks,    I am deliberately using Color,    to  evoke mood, feelings and cause a response in the viewer.

In both paintings,  I’m also making the choice, to use directional movements – for a purpose.

The first image is very much horizontally dominant.

Why?  Because I wanted to cause the viewer to have a sense of rest and calmness.  Peace.

I chose the rectangular upright framing in order to help the viewer feel like they were being ‘invited in.’


The second image is  horizontally  framed to evoke peacefullness, serenity, calm.   The curvature of forms, and languid movements create a sensation of a lovely slow dance, a swaying in time to music, gently.






Control and direct.

You, the artist,  are like the traffic police at the intersection;  you signal where the people are meant to look and go.

So now you can see, that by your purposeful or ….’automatic’   selections of design elements,     you direct  what the viewer ‘sees and feels’  to a very large degree!