Fun Friday photos today, a bit of play and diversion. Something different, something without colour!  I took away the colour, in order to see the flower more clearly.

The solid, velvet black background created a wonderful contrast to the white tipped petals uplifted towards the band of light streaming from my studio window.

flower petals black and white photograph, into the light,
Petals, into the Light


I’ve always found flowers to be quite soothing, both in colour and without.

Each flower has an individual character and beauty that perhaps at first glance, I might have overlooked.



But when I sit for a moment, and take a breath….

I can begin to really   Observe the Flower  in its every little aspect. And then,    two things happen:

  • I feel ‘Lighter’,   peace filled  and connected
  • and I feel like I have seen the flower for the first time



Knowing a subject well, being good friends, having a dialogue with it,   is the essential ingredient.

It is this,  that makes or breaks artwork – be it a photograph, sculpture, watercolor, oil painting, …. a song.

I need a connection, to the subject in order to make the artwork exciting and engaging for the audience.