Silly Saturday… I think,  that 2016 needs “Silly Saturdays.”  When I’m just having a bit of fun,  there’s no pressure.  With silliness comes the unleashing of creative energy!

copper sky, viridian water, mixed media,
Copper Sky Viridian Water





Process of the Copper Sky Mixed Media

Oddly, This started with looking at some lovely quail eggs.  Many things can inspire the artist’s imagination!    

quail egg, inspiration, copper sky,
quail egg

From the gorgeous patterns found on the egg, my hand went into automatic;  creating textures and splatters – with rock escarpments from a hillside sliding down into the green waters.



mountain texture,  inspiration, mixed media,
Mountain Texture

Giving me the Idea,  for  Copper Sky, mixed media.



I worked on several patterns, drawings, textural techniques. Then returned to a few discards that had some great built up textures already for me.


I chose one with the basic foundation structure already in place.

But the tonal values were very poor, and the colors  – not singing to me at all.


Nothing to lose, remembering its just a ‘silly Saturday’ play –  I added bits of string, glue, acrylic.  In other words, lots of mixed media.


  • After letting those areas dry, I applied a lovely thin glaze of copper for the sky area.
  • At the bottom,  I then enriched the water area with glazes of viridian.
  • I returned to highlight some of the areas in  subtle whites.


This close up of  Copper Sky, mixed media shows the glue, threads, copper and viridian glazes,  thick impasto sculptural effects on the mountain.

viridian and copper mixed media
Viridian water

Silly,  is not a bad word!

Silly is very productive, in its own way. And it is a very necessary part of creating,  for me.

I don’t have to create something  ‘worthwhile’  every single time I sit down to do art. Neither do I have to ‘show’ my friends my efforts, and wait for their nods.  Anymore.

Yes, I used to do this.


I create – because that is what is within me to do.    I do it for me.    


And progress and improvement will happen.

Improvements will come, by virtue of the fact that I am compelled to ‘be silly’   a great deal of the time!      Simply…..The more I practice,  the more I improve.


I’m looking forward to 2016 and many more creative, fun, imaginative and just plain “silly” Saturdays.