Restful Mauves and Lilacs

Soft and subtle. The peace filled mauves and rosy lilac colored blossoms catch the last of the late afternoon light. What a Glorious feeling of restfulness and contentment. Perfect for the end of the Holiday.

restful flowers, lilac lavender color,
Restful Lilac Florals




20 thoughts on “Restful Mauves and Lilacs

    1. that is one of the wonderful things I love about Australia, regardless of the month, I can always find a flower, bush or tree in the parks and gardens blooming with colour! huge drawcard for an artist 🙂

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      1. parts, and sometimes. Every place has its unpleasantry. Perth, well, has daily 95+++ degrees for 3 – 4months. Sydney is more mild, usually. there’s always a trade off. but, the colours ! 🙂

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    1. thanks Mitza!! Glad you liked this. sounds like your dinner was delightfully yummy! No overeating for me. I can’t eat much at one time, so – no overeating… a blessing in disguise 🙂

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