Crash! My Christmas tree takes a nosedive scattering ornaments from one end of the living room to the other. Widespread mayhem via kitty helpers. A Lady and The Tramp and siamese cats …replay.

tree stands watercolour painting
Tree Stands View 1


I wasn’t smiling. No video recorded the scowling and howling that went on.  However, I cleaned up the mess, sorted the tree and regained my perspective. Meanwhile the darling little ‘helpers’ were still banned from the room.


I needed a different view on the morning’s events. How to go from scowling to calm and content?  How to make my tree stand?       I know, its all in the way you look at things.


As I wrote from Wednesday’s Watercolours: What’s a Stainer?   I started to look closer at the colours and shapes of the Christmas balls.  Getting some great ideas for the day’s post and seeing the event with a different perspective!    I Posted the initial sphere painted with Staining paints.

watercolor Staining paints,
Watercolor Stainers


Later on, I continued to draw more shapes on the watercolour paper.

I included a triangle to represent the now Standing tree.

Placing  a few more spheres here and there, to symbolize the fallen balls that have been put back into place.

Then I  proceeded to paint using  the same colours as before.

watercolor painting, staining paints,
A Different View 2 


Watercolour Palette:

Quinacridone Gold, Phalo Green,  Prussian Blue,  Quinacridone Sienna  all mixed with Lunar Black by Daniel Smith.


quinacridone sienna, lunar black, watercolours
Quinacridone Sienna Lunar Black – View 3     

A micro section,  zooming in on the relationship between the wonderful Quinacridone Sienna mixed with Lunar Black, and the deep intensity of Prussian Blue +LB.


It is interesting to look at the entire image and then look at it from different views. Snippets of the same thing, just in new formats.  It really changes the perception.



This is the final version on the full sheet.


watercolour paints colours pigments,
Finalized  – View 4       




Love the shapes,  the color mixes, the contrasts.  I love what Lunar Black will do when mixed with these other colours. Gorgeous combinations.   Blue/Green/Gold was quite lovely.

The purring little  ‘helpers’  are fine.


If my tree falls,  I can always paint one that stands.      

 Its all in the way I look at it.