Energised Watercolors! Watercolor Art Lessons

energised watercolors, art lessons, debiriley.com

My kind of watercolors!  With a Twist.  This is a gorgeous example of what watercolor can be: powerful yet soft, delicate edges filled with intrigue, balanced, calligraphic design, ribbon like flow. Harmonious. Its Zen.

energised watercolors, art lessons, debiriley.com
Energised Watercolors


Challenging Art Lessons and Topics

I’m sorry that I can’t take credit for creating this artwork, but Joyce, a lovely student, painted it in my ‘Watercolour With a Twist’ art class at Atwell Gallery. The group taking watercolor art lessons, has been every art teacher’s dream:  Willing, excited and happy to try new, Twisty art techniques and materials, never complaining!

I’ve been so lucky!

What’s interesting too, is that as they learn new techniques, I find I’m having to stretch myself immensely week by week.

Inventing, researching, exploring every single week. Coming up with something new.

Finding processes and topics that will inspire and challenge each of us.  I’m really, really enjoying this.


I do not think I could ever return to the type of art lessons that involve students merely sitting and copying from a magazine photo, book, or someone else’s painting. Nor, the social ‘just filling in the time’, traditional, watercolor classes.


art lessons debiriley.com atwell Gallery
Atwell Gallery art lessons


It would drain the individual Creativity right out of them. And me.



Watercolors With a Twist has been Energizing!

Term 4 is over and when 2016  Term 1 rolls around,   new classes are on the agenda with different formats.  I do like different.  And, Change is good.


The art students have left the pencil behind!  Using drawing media like charcoal and graphite pigment, fat wide pastels, drawing on newspapers, on plywood, Stonehenge paper – adding flickers of eye shadow into charcoal. Just to see what happens.

Don’t you just love that spirit of adventure?!

Inspirational.   Puts light into the eyes and energy into the images created.


watercolor art lessons, palette knife, debiriley.com
Lilac Valley



Did I already say that I loved teaching this term’s 2 art classes? Oh yes,  I might have. Well, guess I can say it again because I truly am grateful.

As the year ends, and I reflect upon this year’s challenges and rewards, I think its a wonderful opportunity to also express my gratitude.


watercolors with a knife, debiriley.com art lessons
Blue Watercolor with a Knife


watercolor art lessons, palette knife, debiriley.com
Dark Forest Light

Check out Watercolour Tips,  for more posts and information on fun types of watercolor painting techniques and the basics of mixing/brush use.



Every image was created by a student in class, using a palette knife and watercolors on damp paper.

I never ‘help’   i.e.  touch a student’s painting, so anything they paint, is always entirely their own creation.   Because if,  I take over their painting, I take their creativity.  

So, instead,  I provide tips and guides, basics and ideas, recommendations.

And their work always remains …. Theirs.    Energised!




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      1. thanks, Debi, I’m riding my bike like a madman, really exhausts me, getting old. I can imagine that you are sad the year is over, but there will be a new year. Hope you are well, too, cheers Mitza

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  1. Debi, Thank you for posting your palette knife lesson with your students. Each art piece evokes an emotional reaction from me. Bravo to you and your students.

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  2. That’s brilliant Debi! It’s a fantastic way of teaching, making classes challenging and trying out lots of new techniques – far more interesting for the students and as you said, for you too!!! 🙂

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    1. challenging for them as they were instructed to try to use just One, single fluid knife stroke for the creation. Difficult. 🙂 Thank you very much, for your kind comments!! Debi

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    1. Thank you Elaine! I’m going to let each of the students know that their work was so well regarded. It will really boost their confidence. Thank you again for your comment, cheers, Debi 🙂


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