Quiet…. all around.  Not even the birds sing yet. The moments of serenity are savoured. Sipping coffee, I’m thinking about Christmas. What it means to me. Its more than shopping, buying, spending.  The ornament reflects my thoughts well.  It is filled with Light.

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Stillness and Reflection

I’m reflecting, looking at how the light is flickering off the tip of this golden ornament, thinking how symbolic it really is … for me.


I adore the beauty of this background:

the depth of the forest pine greens, flickers of cerulean blue and just the suggestion of a muted crimson;

all with gentled, peaceful  soft blurred edges.  So wonderfully,  peace full.



As I sit in the silence of the morning and reflect,

I want to wish   LIGHT   for every one of us.

Love, Peace, Hope and Life  for each of us.



Have a wonderful,  weekend.