Colour and Light In The Studio

Colour and Light In The Studio

A few stolen moments……  to have a play with colour and light.

colour and light in watercolours,
Colour and Light

The golden light seems to shimmer against the cool cobalt teal blue.  I’ve splattered a few bits of indigo here and there. Poured a wee drop or two of cobalt into the mix.  No time to dawdle!


playing with colour and light, watercolours,
Playing With Paint


The cobalt teal blue of the ocean is lovely and fresh and cool.

colour and light on the ocean, watercolours,
Ocean in cobalt teal






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    1. pg50.cobalt teal blue …. there’s really only one, that works efficiently.. Daniel Smith cobalt teal blue .. i have tried 15 others, and imo, wasted my money


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