Morning Kiss, for Monet

Monet Rose Garden, acrylic palette knife,
Monet Morning Kiss, roses,
Morning Kiss, for Monet



Morning kiss,

sun’s golden warm light

upon the widening,

wakening rose petals


I imagine myself sitting beneath the rose trellises of Monet’s Giverny as these colours splash onto the paper before me.








Creative Processes of “Morning Kiss, for Monet”




  • Morning Kiss, for Monet is a fresh light, summery Impressionist acrylic painting created using a palette knife.
  • It is also a reinvented, resolved version of the original painting done a couple months ago that just was not quite ‘there’ yet.
  • Painted onto a (gloss medium)i.e.  sealed, drawing paper, the surface provided a lovely smooth slick surface for the knife to glide easily across.
  • Colours used were structure (or heavy)  naples yellow, white, permanent rose, crimson, mauve. To mix peaches, creams, salmon pinks, crimsons – of the Pierre de Ronsard rose.
  • The Fluid acrylic colour I used was permanent crimson;  to drip on at the very last.
  • The original work had some hard edges I wasn’t pleased with, some unexplained empty areas and the format did not suit the work for the Monet like impression I wanted.


Time to Resolve the Painting, Morning Kiss for Monet

  1. I CUT the painting into a long thin vertical design;  selecting this format over square, oval, etc by using my matts to assess the compositions beforehand for the best possible design.  Cutting, was a risk. There was no going back once it was cut. Roll the dice and breathe.
  2. Next I adhered the cut image to a long thin canvas that has 2 inch wide sides.
  3. Letting  it dry thoroughly.
  4. I then painted the sides white, followed by a soft salmon.
  5. Next I liberally applied Golden extra heavy gel matte  to the sides. It dries almost clear… wax-like, misty.  Like encaustic.
  6. This disguises any roughly cut edges that may have occurred when cutting the image out.  Great camouflage technique.  A big sigh of relief.  Time consuming, but effective.


It is finished.

Resolved. Renewed and reinvented.   I’m rather pleased with my resolved version ….  Morning Kiss, for Monet!

Monet Rose Garden, acrylic palette knife,
Morning Kiss – in DETAIL

Looking at the Morning Kiss, for Monet  – the Detail image, you can see the gorgeous textures, the silky smoothness of colours ‘not quite’  merging that the palette knife is so perfect for.



Historical Notes of Interest – Ronsard and Roses

Pierre de Ronsard 1524 – 1585,  was a French poet who wrote the exquisite poem, “Ode a Cassandre”   with its mention of the lovely rose.

In fact, there is a lovely climbing rose that is named after  Pierre de Ronsard; a very romantic and old fashioned rose with a soft creaminess and delightful fragrance.

Bred in France,  its also been known as the Eden rose, introduced around 1985.  A very  prolific bloomer,  the more its cut back the better it blooms.

Gorgeous  salmon pinks,   peaches and soft cream  outer petals,  combined with deep crimson centres are the trademark colours of this lovely rose.



These techniques I’ve used,  (palette knife, sealing the drawing paper, using extra heavy gel matte, mounting a cropped image onto canvas)  are great to have at my disposal for when I need to do just a little bit of “renovating.”

Reinventing a painting is a brilliant  way to start off a Friday morning.

Imagining I’m in Monet’s rose gardens painting away is even better!





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  2. Hi Debi. Thanks for sharing your process and resolution of a problem. The color and texture are remarkable. Are you hanging this beautiful painting in your home?

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