Piet Mondrian was best known for his bright geometric grid lined paintings done later in his career. But these enchantingly delicate flower paintings hint at his more sensitive nature.

Mondrian painting, flower, debiriley.com
Mondrian Flower

Mondrian Paintings

Mondrian’s later works of hard edged,  geometric abstract designs might be construed by some,  as lacking nuance or even skill.

Some might think that those who paint  “abstracts”   i.e.  non – representational images,  have very little art basic skills.

But, indeed that is not the case.


In order to create a great abstract painting –  that is balanced,  with depth, harmonious and with meaning/content  –   all the required art basics need to be well established.

Mondrian demonstrates in these floral paintings his perfect mastery of the art basics, and then some.

His imagination,  artistic creativity,  and love of diversity are inspiring.

Piet Mondrian painting, pink red flowers, debiriley.com
Mondrian, Piet

This painting has a finely crafted background. With multiple layers and textures to pique the viewer’s curiosity.    Brushstrokes are broad, swift, bold and decisive!  Lovely.

The divisions of space in the design hint at what lies ahead for Mondrian. The underlying foundation has a very strong grid line of 3 horizontals,  2 major verticals,  multiple minor verticals,  and numerous diagonals.



Monday with Mondrian

I chose these two flower images for Monday because they symbolise a Monday for me.


The First is:     ethereal, as if just waking from dreams.

The Second painting with the pinks and red flowers is stronger,  as befits later in the day when fully awake and getting Monday’s tasks done,  with Mondrian, of course!


Piet Mondrian, though best known now for his modern abstract paintings, had a beautiful collection of evocative, softer and delicate paintings that just may surprise you as they did me.