Sunday rolls by, with Monday’s class agendas on my mind….I need to get in the creative zone!  Perhaps, with some experimentation  inspiration and Ideas will arise.

creative zone, cobalt teal,
Square Format Teal


Cobalt Teal Blue pg50   paired with Indigo  Daniel Smith watercolours makes a great duet I think.


In the creative zone,
Creative Zone Vertical



cobalt teal blue pg50, creative zone,
Cobalt Teal Pond




Creative zone, indigo watercolour landscapes,
Forest In Snow

Forest in Snow,  (Indigo, Cobalt Violet, Cobalt Teal Blue, Ultramarine)


Daniel Smith watercolours, Indigo, cobalt teal blue, landscapes,
Indigo Forest using Skewers

Indigo Forest,  (Indigo, Cobalt Violet, Cobalt Teal Blue)



Recap of Sunday Creative Art Experiments


I do like the Idea of using a skewer to apply the indigo vertically for the fir trees, so I may use that.   I also like the Idea of using Indigo and Cobalt Teal blue together.

Changing formats is a good Idea I will use.  Perhaps we will try both the square and the long vertical formats as a change up.