Hello! Cobalt, Violet, Magenta

Hello! I went out to get the mail, glancing over at my flowers against the house. (Not the neighbours’ this time!)  Soft cobalt and cobalt violet tendrils waved in the warm afternoon breeze, the passion flower blossom beckoned.

cobalt, cobalt violet, magenta, passion flower photo debiriley.com
Passion Flower Tendrils

A fast Happy snap ensued, with the thought of sharing this lovely Hello greeting with you.


I loved the counterchanges, the contrasts the passionflower made.   The indian yellow centre was a perfect complementary colour to the purple blue mauves of the hundreds of dancing and waving tendrils.

A stunning, deep magenta burgundy anchored the tendrils to the flower’s centre ring of pale lemon.  Even the shadow patterns seemed to get into the act here;  they created gorgeous designs upon the butter cream petals.  It was a delightful medley of colours and light and dark that filled the frame.

Now its time to crack the whip and get back to work on my cobalt teal blue paintings.





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