At Daybreak

rose close up, photo, daybreak, morning , debiriley,com
Rose's Heart, macro, close up, photo,
Heart of The Rose

At Daybreak

the quiet

stillness,  thunders


At Daybreak

roses cry

in silent joy


At Daybreak

my heart

in serenity dances



morning rose at daybreak, photo,
Rose’s Tears of Joy


Daybreak – a beautiful Pause in between the dark slumber of eve and the hustle of phones, horns,  meetings and deadlines…… of the new day.


Daybreak – you feel more alive at daybreak,  senses are engaged; there’s less competition fighting for your attention.

Sunsets are gorgeous;  but, tired from the day’s work and with all the evening’s  bustle of noises that compete to muffle out the full experience, it seems Less filling than daybreak.

Stillness of the rose at daybreak, photo,
Stillness at Daybreak

Daybreak  – a time and place I go to  catch a break.  In the stillness  and  the silent joy.


Daybreak  –   Splendour of the dawn…… what a lovely phrase.

Zareth Shahar, means  “Splendour of the Dawn.”  There is an actual place named,  Zareth Shahar. It’s an ancient city located along the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, but little remains of the town except a few stone ruins scattered about.

rose close up, photo, daybreak, morning , debiriley,com
My Heart, In Serenity


All photos were taken very early, this morning peeking over into the neighbour’s rose garden with my Canon Rebel 600D using Canon macro lens 100mm f2.8L

I especially liked the soft focus photo My Heart, In Serenity.  It seemed to resonate the most with me on how and what I wanted to convey in this post.

(A big thank you to my followers, readers, sharers, likers!   I’m getting closer to my 12 month goal for followers,… nearly there!!     Thank You.)



And enjoy the splendour of dawn found At Daybreak.


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14 thoughts on “At Daybreak

  1. OMG! These are AMAZING shots! Oh will you paint?! Or sometimes things just must be. I would love to see how you interpret and express the feeling through watercolor. 🙂

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    1. thank you so much! I am happy, these are liked! I may, think on Techniques for loose roses, not Rigid, stiff, tight hard edged roses…. hmm. thinking cap

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  2. Hello Debi, Your posting was lovely. Thank you for sharing so much with us this year. Top O’ the Morning to you. Leslie


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    1. hi Leslie, my pleasure; I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the website this year. Its certainly changing from last year. 🙂


    1. Mitza, I am really pleased you like them! I was hoping you would 🙂 I loved how the roses looked; But, didn’t know if anyone else would like this ‘style’! thank you so much for your generous feedback. cheers, Debi

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  3. Beautiful words and suggestive roses to celebrate the year of your blog. I hope many more follow …. Debi, Happy Birthday! 🙂


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