Do I create to copy a thing seen?  Or do I create to answer the call of my hidden artist I’ve secreted away in a safe place?


hidden artist emerges from within ,
Autumn Alight


Hidden Artist


There lies buried deep within a spark  that will not die

an ember that never slumbers

a mere breath of fresh air fans the tiny coal to a roaring flame!

I can no more repeat someone else’s story than … breathe for them


that secret hidden artist

with incandescent flames of imagination and creativity

we are welded


the inner artist demands to be set free

is compelled to be unleashed and expressed

alas I can not copy

and I must tell my own story


The Hidden Artist, reveals in creativity,
Autumn Artist Hiding




In the final photograph image, this is the way the park and the trees actually looked.

But my artist wanted something… ‘more.’  Something Different.  This view, this photograph just didn’t work for me, didn’t fulfil what I was looking for.

I needed to take a risk.

And its ok if I am the only one to enjoy the image.   For it is my artist I am creating for.


All of these images are   photographs.     None are Paintings.


By using two techniques I was able to come closer to reaching what my hidden artist was wanting.

I used the camera differently… with a vertical movement downwards. Then again, in the new shot, going upwards.


Returning to the studio I proceeded to do some additional digital processing for the 2 images you see above.   Cropping, enhancements, sharpen, lightening, etc.

fall foliage, hidden artist, photo
The Way It Was


Whether it is knitting, painting, sculpture, pottery, writing, paper making……

just take a risk.   Be happy!   Have faith you can do it.

Let your own inner hidden artist come out.