Just Jump In

Jump in and have some fun! Why do you think kids are always smiling? Yes, they’re out there jumping in. While we’re milling about, cleaning up, tidying up, sorting things out.

Jump In and don't wait, debiriley.com
Just Jump In

Kids Just Jump In.


fun splashing in the pool water, debiriley.com
Fun Splashing in the Water

Just Jump In and have some fun!






      • I just posted it for you yesterday, Debi so that you can check the wonderful colors, wishing you a wonderful weekend (the weather is just terrible here, cold, nasty, rainy), too, regards Mitza

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      • thanks !! I sympathise with you on the dreariness; I don’t like that either. here; its one extreme to the other. scorching hades hot – or, cold. I’ll take cold. Seattle rained all the time! Dreary.

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      • there can be tempests in Greece and it rains not only cats and dogs but elephants and camels, but next day the blue sky is coming out innocently as if never anything bad happened. But here in Hamburg you don’t see any sun for days, it’s only grey, cold, ugly, raining, raining, raining. But otherwise it’s the most beautiful town on earth. Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

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