Cobalt Teal Blue and Indigo

cobalt teal blue pg50 acrylic abstract,

Gorgeous combination of colours – Indigo and Cobalt Teal blue.  Loving the oasis feeling of cobalt teal!  Intense, Indigo creates a perfect contrast and brings out the shimmering radiance of the cobalt teal. And it’s all with a brayer.

cobalt teal blue pg50 acrylic abstract,
Cobalt Teal Blue Abstract


The medium I chose to work in was acrylics.

Again,   keeping it simple with a limited palette.  I know,  you’ve heard me say it before, but it is so effective!

Esperance Beach, Indian Ocean
Esperance Beaches

I had “water, ocean”  in mind,  so I delved into my photos finding some references that had some cobalt teal in them.

Excitement in brushstroke
Excitement in Brushstroke Acrylics

Materials Used

The 3 colours were Indigo, Cobalt Teal Blue and Hansa Yellow Light.

I chose them after looking at some of my art images and samples and finding “Excitement in Brushstrokes.”  This image used those colours, but was too high of a Indigo ratio. I wanted high ratio of Cobalt Teal, less of Indigo, and much less yellow.

No Brush. Just a couple of old brayers.   Fun!!

The main thing I wanted to ensure was obtaining adequate tonal values, of at least three tones.  Light, Mid and Dark tone.

This last image is the full uncut version.

I thought I’d show this.   I think its useful and encouraging, to show the original, as well as my top image, the cropped version.

cobalt teal blue pg50 and indigo abstract acrylic painting
Abstraction Cobalt Teal and Indigo

As I’m still debating cropping dimensions, I’m using the computer to do some of the work for me.  (It really needs to earn its keep around here.)

I’ve quite enjoyed the process of exploring the abstract forms in acrylics, using the brayers to paint with and playing with alternative compositions.

I was pretty happy with the exercise.   I do have several others that are waiting in the wings, needing some fine tuning as well.

It was a wonderful day,  now its time to relax… in that lovely happy oasis!

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    1. thanks David – the magical tool brayer, is simply a paint roller. Usually it is used for inks and printmaking. Not to paint with 🙂


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