Acrylic Abstract Ocean Painting With Turquoise

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Abstract painting fast and loose!  I was able to create this free,  colourful Abstract Ocean painting without a brush in just minutes!  Here’s how.

acrylic turquoise abstract ocean painting
Abstract Ocean Painting


Materials For Acrylic Painting:

Palette knife,  canvas with a coat of orange already on it and  4 colours.

Limiting my palette to white, buff titanium, turquoise and prussian helps maintain a clean, direct and powerful image.

I needed a deep dark – Prussian Blue pb27  naturally was my first choice.Prussian comes in handy for a number of subjects.

White for the focal point wave action; and buff titanium was my choice for a softer mid tone neutral in the back and foreground.


Techniques for the Abstract Painting

The initial under-coat was done with a midtone  orange and then allowed to fully dry.  The turquoise and orange are complementaries, they work well together. That is why I chose the orange.

Once dry, I used a palette knife to skim colours over the top to infer an abstract ocean scene.

I was careful to leave some shimmers, here and there, of the orange undercoat to ‘sparkle’ through.

The beginners’ impulse will be to “cover it all up,”    so watch out for that issue!



There were 7 of these that I’d done all in the space of about 60 minutes.

When I paint, I like to have several on the go.

Why?  So I do not spoil and over work the one image.  I will.  I’m just like anybody else!  If I have One, painting to work on….  9 times out of 10,  it gets too many details. Too many brush strokes.  oops!      Too late!

I’ve just learned to nip my habit right in the bud, right at the gate.  So I have a few paintings to expend all that painting energy on.




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