Inspiration – How It Starts

colour orange inspiration for me ,

Inspired to create, using the colour orange! So, how Does the creative mind work? What prompts the creative processes and inspiration? It usually starts with a small thing.  Something ordinary.

Inspiration from Orange Glass,
Inspired By Orange Glass

Inspiration starts in mysterious ways

It began with getting my family glass treasures out and cleaning them. Yes, my inspiration all started with a chore.

I’ll tell you a little bit about my treasures, just so you have a clearer picture of the whole process.  History is very important! It is the start – really,  of inspiration.

These orange glassware are lovely shapes, small but sturdy.  Very heavy for their sizes. Roughly about 7 inches for the mini vase and about 4 inches for the basket.

I grew up with them as a child. My father gave them to my mother long ago, as a gift from a glass maker in Oregon.  I can’t quite read the minutely inscribed name of the glass maker on the bottom, so I have no idea who the artist was.  But they did a gorgeous job at creating these Orange glass creations. Even as a child, I had my eyes on them.

Orange Glass Vase, hand blown Oregon,
Orange Glass Vase


Right,  back to my story.

I cleaned my lovely glass and admired them anew.  Apprehensive about  my tiled kitchen floors, I cautiously wrapped the glass in towels.  Silly, I know,  but I would be devastated to break or damage one.


 colour orange inspiration for me ,
The Colour Orange Inspirations

I decided to get my camera out and try to get a decent shot or two, even though the day was dark and cloudy. And I’m no good with the flash at all.

I will learn that…. one day.

Once I have everything learned for my website. You know,  all that SEO stuff,  Alexa,  Panda penalties – apparently, I’m in dire need of educating myself!  I get messages saying so. Don’t you?!


After finding I’d taken several shots that I liked,  I began to think about the colour Orange.  Dale Chihuly, the well known glass blower came to mind, he has a brilliant imagination and his colourful creations are truly stunning.

He often uses orange. His website is inspiring and amazing. And He,  certainly  doesn’t have a problem with SEO, Alexa, or penalties.

I should ask if he gives lessons.  No,  I’d rather have his glass art instead.


Next on the journey of inspiration is my paints

I’ve now taken my photos, thought about Dale Chihuly and now the next step on my journey of Inspiration is looking at my paints.  Specifically,  all my Orange Paints.  So I do.


Then I listed them all.  There’s a lot.  Most of them I rarely use. They’re handy though,  for when I need them.

I do become a bit curious.  Curious,  about a few like Dazzle Orange (ok fine,  Benzimidazolone Orange)   and Indian Yellow, Winsor Orange and   Pyrrol Orange.


I go see my friend,  Mr. Google.

Mr. Google tells me quite a few things about Benzimidazolone Orange, Indian Yellow, Naples Yellow.  I can get side tracked when I dialogue with my friend though.

I found Vasari.  Vasari oil paints will be a great addition to my other oil paints. Soon.  They look like butter, creamy, rich, fully pigmented.  Fabulous oil paints.  I really want them.  Maybe one. They cost a lot.  Christmas is coming up. I can wait.   Vasari has a gorgeous Naples Yellow. I’m writing my list (Christmas)  now,  hang on…

I  also have reference books by Hilary Page, Michael Wilcox,  some Daniel Smith brochures…….  did I mention that I when I lived near Seattle I’d take the ferry across and teach workshops at the Daniel Smith art supply store in Bellevue?    Loved the ferry ride, very inspirational!


Paintings Inspired by Orange, by Glass and by Getting Side Tracked

Back to the paints.

Are you wondering if I actually did any painting at all?

Well,  yes I did!  Quite a few;  half are rubbish, a quarter need Help,  the other quarter I’m relatively pleased with. I’d say out of the 30 pieces,  I quite like about 5. But,  for the amount done in the time period I had, I’m happy.

I did leaf paintings, flower paintings, pot paintings, sunset paintings,  abstract paintings, resolution paintings… I was inspired!

watercolour flowers inspired by orange,
Spike 3 Oranges Flower Bouquet


winsor orange glaze watercolour,
Winsor Orange Glaze watercolour pot
Inspiration starts with something small

Yes, Inspiration is an odd and often convoluted process.

It often starts with something small, something ordinary, a chore even.  Then winds and curves its way through all the maze like goat tracks your mind wants to take,  chooses to take.


sunset watercolour, naples yellow
Sunset Naples Yellow, Benzimidazolone Orange

I have learned, to let go.

To allow the mind to wander. And to be inspired by the things my mind selects on that day.

I get happy surprises.  I do like Happy!




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  1. Inspiration is always creeping around the next bend! Wow, love those glass pieces and I’m always thinking abstract work now when I see cool shapes and colors like the ones you photographed here, Debi. Beautiful!


  2. Hi Debi – just before I opened your post today, I wrote down, paint something Orange. And, then I was surprise to read your very informative and beautifully written narrative about Orange.
    Thank you for sharing your divine artistry. I always look forward to your posts Debi. Have a beautiful day.


  3. Great post, great art, as usual Debi! I really enjoyed this one. Two of my favorite topics…. letting go, and giving yourself permission to let your mind wander. Thanks for sharing this. Thoroughly enjoyed it! ~Rita

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    1. Hi Rita! so glad to ‘see’ you, and glad that you enjoyed the post. Excellent! a little wander, is a bit like a little stroll in the forests, I reckon 🙂

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  4. Wonderful Debi; the glaze pot is sensational. Happy, happy, happy 🙂 So behind with my reading blogs. Leaving shorly but will check in whenever I can. Warmest wishes.

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