Glorious Autumn Leaves

Spring in Perth Australia and Autumn in America!  Sometimes its hard to wrap my head around that even though its Spring here in Perth,  the autumn leaves are turning their brilliant shades of orange, gold and scarlet elsewhere around the world.

Autumn Leaves of gold, orange, red
Autumn Leaves


A stunning array of orange colours abound in nearly every version I could possibly mix with my paints  in this snippet of autumn foliage.


As I look, I wonder which paints I might use to get my orange shades. I think about the paint brands of Orange I might try.  I could use Daniel Smith, Winsor and Newton, Maimeri, Sennelier, Holbien, Blockx, Graham, …

I can see blends of Cadmium Orange, Naples Yellow, Indian Yellow, Winsor Orange, Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet and many more in these few scattered leaves.


I find the contrast of deep blue with the orange especially appealing as the 2 colours are complementary pairs and enhance each other so well.   Plus,  Orange and Blue have always been my favourite colour duet.

Its a lovely colour, orange.





    • I must confess, Sharon, as I did not label it but the autumn leaves image was a photo I’d taken several weeks ago down the road… I did ‘process’ it and crop it and redesign it though 🙂

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