Been Too Busy?  Me too!  So I wandered out to the pool to sit down for 5 minutes to drink my morning coffee in peace.

crystal clear and calm waters, photo
Crystal Clear and Calm

Warning:   this post may offend…. if you are a ‘busy’ person!


I have no idea why I believe Value is tied up in being “Busy.”  Or why others think the same.

Value and worth  really do not have any thing to do with how frantically busy a person might be.


Sitting by the water, I found myself reflecting.  Do you ever notice that when you say you were home on a particular day – the forthcoming comment is nearly always:  “What did you DO?!”

As if, we must give an account for every minute of our day.  As if, we must fill every second of our time doing something that is deemed valuable, productive, profitable, useful 24-7.   “Busy”  …. a badge of honour?   No.  Absolutely Not!

As I was reflecting, I was thinking that too much busy is just as damaging as too little.  Balance – is the key.   Calm, measured and purposeful.


I took 5 minutes to Stop.  To pause and reflect. Looking into the crystal clear and calm water.    5 minutes wasn’t nearly long enough.

But it did make me smile, let me breathe deep the wonderful outdoor air and hear the lovely music of the morning birds…  for a moment.

I can look into the photo right now and see the crystal clear waters,  and can feel again the zen calmness that was and now is again.  Lovely.


Now, I have to go to work.

I will rephrase that……   Now I get to,  go to work!!