Spring Splendour at King’s Park Perth

Perth everlastings, wildflower photo debiriley.com

What a show! Acres of everlastings,  pathways of magenta, burgundy, claret kangaroo paws, with tall dark, handsomely curving branches framing Perth city views.

Kings Park, Perth photo debirilley.com
Perth Kings Park spring


Perth everlastings, wildflower photo debiriley.com
Perth Everlastings

I was off to the city for a not so fun appointment which finished early. An ‘early mark’  that was fun.  King’s Park was only around the corner……. how could I let the opportunity pass me by?  Spring is short here in Western Australia, with high heat soon forthcoming. Then, all the bright and pretty spring flowers will be long gone!

Make hay while the sun shines.   My blinker got put on and I pulled into Perth’s  largest native flower parkland.   King’s Park makes the list of some of the world’s  largest inner city parks,  and boy, there are a lot of pathways!


King’s Park  is certainly captivating and unforgettable, its also one of Western Australia’s top tourist destinations.     400 hectares,  4.06  square kilometres of inner city parkland with 3,000+ flora species  that come alive in September every year.

So glad I put my blinker on.


A myriad of pathways of magenta, burgundy, claret kangaroo paws everywhere I turned around.

Magenta Kangaroo Paws, photo debiriley.com
Magenta Kangaroo Paws


Tall dark,  handsomely curving branches framing the city with spectacular peek a boo views caught my eye and my imagination. I walked past, looked back, then returned to take the shot.

Perth from Kings Park, photo, debiriley.com
Perth Through the Branches



Budding, Kangaroo Paw, photo debiriley.com
Budding, Kangaroo Paw

When I arrived there was a full scale children’s event and festivities underway.  There were kids everywhere, noise and yelling and loudspeakers and music blaring.   I was a bit surprised, as it was midweek not a weekend.  I’d anticipated a leisurely tranquil stroll thorough the park.  Thats not what I got!  However, I did like the ambience of joyfulness, happiness that pervaded the atmosphere.  So all up, the noise and commotion, …. it just  added to making it a wonderful and happy experience.


I did learn something while wandering the gardens and lawns, listening to the Aboriginal educational speaker on the very loud, loudspeaker.  Nyoongar are the Aboriginal People of the Perth area and its their  language they were sharing with the crowds.

“Yonga”  is kangaroo. Also,   “Up”  means place of.  There are many towns here in W.A. that end in “up” and I’d been wondering what it meant. Now I know.

“Djirip-djirip”  means Very Happy.     “Mootjool” is the yellow everlasting flower.


I spied a lovely native tea tree, with blossoms delicate and slightly fragrant. Love the softness and romantic feel these gorgeous tiny flowers give. Many native  plants have been used historically for medicinal purposes, the tea tree is one of them.

tea tree blossoms, debiriley.com photo
Delicate Tea Tree blossoms

The tents, the trees, the blossoms….  a lovely day!

Kings Park, photo, debiriley.com
Happenings at Kings Park

If,   you get over ‘west’  to Perth in the spring, I can highly recommend the King’s Park as a delightful and a ….  Very Happy “djirip – djirip”   place to go.

I can say I’m  very happy for the early mark and deciding to turn my blinker on!!



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    1. hi Joshi, thank you for stopping by and your kind comment ! I had a great time at that park 🙂 glad you enjoyed it too!


  1. Spring is in the air! … The photographs are absolutely beautiful!🌠🎇🎆… I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!. Best wishes. Aquileana 😉

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    1. hoping your weekend is fabulous! thank you so much for your lovely comments, very kind 🙂 It is nice to know others read, and enjoy the posts. so thank you!


  2. Love the kangaroo paw and glad you got out of a not so fun appointment early. Always so funny to think you are experiencing exact opposite seasons. Beautiful Autumn here. 😊

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    1. thanks Jodi 🙂 it is odd. even for me after 20+ yrs here, at times I stop, think, WHERE AM I?! LOL. we did return to USA for 6 years, then back to Aus so that didn’t help. look forward to your fall pics!


    1. Laura, thanks! you picked my favs too 🙂 I was lying on the ground, rolling this way and that… trying to get “the right shot” IT Must have looked hysterically funny!

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      1. chuckle, chuckle. I’m sure it was. its not like I’m a teenager either. lol. at least I didn’t need to ask for one of the kids to help me up. (this time…)

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  3. Hi Debi, thanks for the travelogue about Kings Park and the Aboriginal language, very interesting. Your photography is beautiful. I’ll enjoy your spring weather as we head into fall.

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    1. I certainly won’t forget ‘djirip-djirip’ or ‘yonga’ … I think that is Very Happy Kangaroo, lol. I’m glad you enjoyed this post & the photos, it makes a difference when I get such great feedback!! thank you Sharon for commenting 🙂 cheers, Debi


  4. Hi Debi, Thanks for sharing. ‘Enjoy all you reveal to us on your posts. Your explorations and discoveries are inspirational. Best wishes, Leslie >


    1. Hi Katherine, thanks for stopping in and your very kind comment!! I’m pleased you enjoyed having a look. Some of those shots, I was laying on the grass, while people were…. staring… 🙂 oh dear!

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