What’s Blooming in Your Garden, Today?

roses blooming today dale carnegie, debiriley.com

“We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.”   Dale Carnegie

roses blooming today dale carnegie, debiriley.com
Roses Blooming Today. debiriley.com


I do confess,  I’m probably more focused on the future, than the present a lot of the time. Its just the way I am, I like to plan to have things accomplished.   But as I read this quote this morning, it really resonated with me today.

In my last post I’d signed off with,   “What’s in your Kitchen!?”

And today, Dale Carnegie’s quote has me wondering,  “what ‘roses’ are  blooming outside my windows” that have gone unnoticed and neglected?

Time is fleeting,  what blooms today, is spent tomorrow.  Should I not acknowledge the ‘roses’  that bloom right outside my very windows?

b/w photo rose petal folds debiriley.com
Time Folds of a Rose debiriley.com

I went outside.  Literally.  There was a tall spring orchid in bloom,  my mulberry tree was drooping with fruit, my kale had burst forth with new growth, Larry the lemon decided to bud, the bougainvillea has a glorious spray of magenta blossoms and a tiny patch of delicious jasmine survived and is blooming.

It is amazing – what our eyes skim over, just don’t ‘see’ anymore, when its part of our everyday life.

I have other ‘roses’  in my life, friends and family, especially the little grandchildren. They are truly fragile little beauties and grow in a blink of an eye. I think these roses need more attention!


I chose the top photo Roses Blooming Today,  as my feature photo for the post for several reasons.

It remains one of my very favourite photographs I’ve taken.   I love the colours, the clarity in front and the gentle soft blur of the background rose.  The composition with the vase on its side, open and receptive,  available – speaks to me.  It conveys a willingness and availability, an openness to ‘seeing’.



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