Through The Forest Glade

forest swamp lands photo

It’s with a touch of mystery,  we wander through the viridian and umber tinted glades. Indeed,  as my little one calls it in a whispered voice ……”THE  Beyond.”

landscape forest monotype
The Beyond, monotype

To imbue that sense of magical wonder, from her child’s  mind I have specifically chosen to create the scene as a monotype print, in a limited palette, with a definite movement through the image. Through the Forest Glade is really an adventure, with a child back into one’s own childhood I discovered.

As I was creating the image I was going for a loose and free approach. No tight details or rigid rules.

Just a just careful placement of my tonal values and shapes to lead the viewer in and through the scene.

forest swamp lands photo
Through the Forest

This photograph,  is one of my 100 + reference photos, taken from our stroll  through the forests of cyprus like swamplands, a place of shadows and hidden things.

A place called The Beyond.



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    1. thats cute! some places give an ‘eerie, creepy’ vibe; some are more like Enchanted and wonderful…. this was more enchanted kind of ‘feeling’ it brought out in us as we walked. I don’t like the creepy places!! lol

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