A Lovely Place, Sydney

sydney harbour bridge photo debiriley.com

This just happens to be one of my favourite places….Sydney, Australia and the photo I took some time ago remains one of my personal favourites.

sydney harbour bridge photo debiriley.com
The Bridge, Sydney at Night photo by debiriley.com


There is a feeling of calm, of peace and ‘zen’   in this  even with all the bright colours that are being softly reflected.   The soft edges through out,  help to keep this easy on the eyes, not too jumpy or glaring.


It gives off more of a feeling of serenity.  Whereas, if I’d had everything in focus and had all sharp hard crisp edges throughout – the image would be too “lively”  &  too  jumpy  for Zen.


I possibly, could paint this…. but, I haven’t wanted to. I just am happy with the photograph.  If a person were to give this type of image a go I think oils, or pastels on on dark paper would be the best approach.

harbour bridge sydney, debiriley.com
Harbour Bridge Sydney, debiriley.com photo


I love the colours and the reflections,  the flash of cobalt blue in the right just gives it a bit of an accent that I like.

The tonal values are fine, the soft edges guiding the eye up towards the Opera House are working a treat.

But I think for me,  its the content, mood and feeling behind the photograph that really makes it my favourite.   Sydney is a lovely place.



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3 thoughts on “A Lovely Place, Sydney

  1. Oh yes, wonderful!
    So many moods to this bridge. Love the fabulous colour you’ve captured and the mood you describe.
    Love the sound of that oil painting too. I can imagine it with lots of texture!
    I remember my painting teacher telling me once, that sometimes a great photograph is just that 😃


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