The Glorious Sky

glorious Perth Wa sky photo

A shimmering  kaleidoscope of swirling colours in a magnificent sky,   with hints of gold and  deepening shadows delight the eye and inspire the soul.

glorious sky photo
Glorious Sky photo


A late afternoon zen stroll gave way to early evening as the sky promised wonderful things, if I’d just wait a bit.

What a sensational show!   The deep purple blacks edging into soft pretty pinks with a gorgeous burst of mango orange off to the right.

Yes,  Its an “abstract”  photograph  – but we know it is a sky!

The colours and tones, the softly blurring of edges pull our gaze inwards. The tonal variations are clear. In a clockwork pattern starting at about 7 o’clock spiralling to 11, to 1 to 3 and 5 – the tones work their magic,  increasing in depth of tone from palest to deepest dark.

The abstract image works so well, because the tonal value variations are clear and evident.  There is obvious Light, Mid and Dark tones throughout this image.

And of course,  the brilliance of the colours,  goes a long ways to making this a stunner. If  I wanted to try to paint a sky that was similar…  I’d choose oil paints.  They would give me the colour, transparency, softness of edges, blend ability  to at least come close to the magic of this type of sky.   Any media that dries fast with hard edges – I’d personally  avoid on this subject.

What a sky!

I’m glad I listened and waited.



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