The sun, had been hiding for awhile here in Perth with rain and clouds. And admittedly I do like the clouds now, I still smiled at the welcome warmth after days of grey.  I’d just gotten home from work and I wanted a little pick me up.

grevillea photo
Gorgeous Grevillea Australia flower photo

The sun was out, but not for long.  I had a very short window to try to dash out for a quick stroll to see what I could discover.

Lucky me, one block from the house the nature reserve had some beauties in bloom!  The sun is out again today, I think I’ll go back after work again and take more shots of the other fabulous flowers bursting out in colour.

Winter nears its end in Perth,  Spring is just around the corner.  Once in awhile, even after years of living in the Southern Hemisphere, my mind still will momentarily pause, thinking on the correct season.  I think ‘Spring’  and automatically think April May June. Which is of course, an ingrained habit, as I grew up in the Northern Hemisphere.

There were some lovely  tea tea blossoms and kangaroo paw blossoms I saw yesterday that I’m hoping to catch with just the right light today. We will see!