Breathtaking, as the last light is fading into darkness  a magic fills the sky.  A sense of serenity and wonder perfume the air as that last sliver of sun slips below the Indian Ocean.  I’m loving that vibrancy of scarlet with the deep velvet black contrasts of the crane shapes swinging gently on the evening breeze!

 sunset geraldton wa photo
Sun Sliver Last Light Geraldton photo

I didn’t have to travel far to capture the light on these.  One was right outside my house,  3 were 20 minutes away and Sun Sliver in Scarlet at Geraldton  (above) was only an afternoon drive.


Just Clouds painted by the fading sun…. makes me dream of picking up a brush and painting a sky  that would look just as good as the Creator did.    We all have our dreams!

sunset photo
Painted by The Sun sunset photo


The waters edge still  and dark,  looks ominous. A bit foreboding. But as I  look beyond the still and dark waters edge I can see the horizon’s promise of tomorrow’s light.   A lovely promise on the horizon.

sunset photo
Promise on the Horizon sunset photo



Oh this is full of wonderful negative spaces, I fell in love with the design of this image. It has a magical feel of hobbits, elves,  and you can almost expect “Gollum”  or  Smeagol  to come creeping  out of these woods. ….nearly but for the palms in the back.


dark forest canopy photo
Sky Dreaming Magic photo at Perth Zoo


Rolling and encompassing the encirclement of clouds didn’t make me feel like they were looming or foreboding at all. But had me enchanted with their swirling movements and light and dark patterns that kept changing  every 15 seconds!

clouds in b/w photo
Enchanted Clouds Encircle
sky and cloud photo