Scarlet Love

scarlet red rose photograph

Scarlet Love.  As winter is nearing its end I’m discovering a new love for scarlet red. I’m painting and photographing all things in warm scarlets and fiery reds more and more as the  weeks progress.  I am taking advantage of my “scarlet love”  while it lasts.

scarlet red rose photograph
Scarlet Red Rose photograph

Things will change in a few weeks.  Temperatures will soar into the 90’s reaching 100 plus, then my palette infatuation will change again. I’ll be painting cool aquas and turquoise, nice refreshing colours.    I know, just call me fickle!

floral acrylic
Bright Florals acrylics turquoise


scarlet red flame tree
Scarlet Red Flame tree blossoms


maple trees watercolours,
Red Dragon Maple Trees in watercolours


Lemon lime paired with mango scarlet
Lemon lime paired with mango scarlet


acrylic knife painting
Summer Garden close up acrylic palette knife painting


My Scarlet Love won’t last forever, but it will last for  one more brush stroke, one more painting!

acrylics one stroke
House paintbrush acrylics one stroke



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11 thoughts on “Scarlet Love

  1. Debi, this post is a feast for the eyes! I love it! So much inspiration here. Do you prefer the very warm temps? What are temps like for you now? 60s-70s, or lower? I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend in beautiful Oz! 💛💛💛

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    1. thanks Laura 🙂 kinda ‘saucy’ but cute. Perth beat a 15 year record yesterday. 27 c. in winter. thats close to 80 f. normal is 60. these days…. I like the 75 f range. the wildflowers will be in bloom shortly!!

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    1. hi Sharon, thank you for your comments!! very kind of you 🙂 I’d just noticed that everything I was seeing and doing was that scarlet red! which is odd, as I’m not a ‘red’ person in general. I appreciate your comments.

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